Why Drip Email Campaigns are So Important


Email gives people a chance to breath after getting your communications, and think of how they may
want to reply. That’s unfortunately where the fear stems from. People are worried they’ll get caught off
guard on the phone, and will need to make a decision in that moment if they want whatever you’re
offering or selling.


Truth is… some people just aren’t phone people. There are so many different kinds of communications
these days. From text, emails, snapchats to what seems to now be dated phone calls.


Since text messaging and email have been so prominent in the last 10 years, people have become more
and more nervous about answering their phone, or even making phone calls for that matter.


With all of these different kinds of communication, it’s no doubt that sometimes we get nervous when
contacting prospects – because we don’t know their preferred way of communication. The last thing we
want to do in our busy days is call someone and ruin a connection because they don’t like answering the

So what’s the solution?

Well, that’s unfortunately not something we can answer for you – because you’ll need to make choices
that reflect your own personal business choices. What we can tell you are the means of communication
that might help you land more deals, and not scare people away.


Our recommendation? Building drip email campaigns, or better known as auto emails or autoresponders.
Just think about it for a minute. Email is meeting us all in the middle. It’s a direct line of communication
that is forward enough – yet still moderately passive (in a good way).


An email drip campaign, or email autoresponder is a way for you to continuously be hands on with your
prospects – in the most hands-off way possible.


Trust us when we say that the hands-off aspect isn’t suggesting you take your focus away from the task.
We’re more so meaning that it allows you to reply to emails without having to remember who you need to
contact today, and who’s on your list for contacts next week. The plus with automated email campaigns is
that they go out without you needing to remember to keep your finger on the pulse.


You already have a million things to do – so might as well take one task off your plate.


With that in mind, you can build welcome emails, updates, appointment confirmations and monthly
informative emails through a number of different CRM’s and even through your StreetText account.


But before making the jump into building a series of automated emails, it’s important to think of the
outcome you’re looking to achieve by creating them. Are you looking to merely provide prospects with
information? Are you looking to get people to attend more open houses or purely to make a sale?
Once you’ve established your goal, it’s important to ask yourself who your audience might be. Since
you’ll have to adhere to multiple different generations, communities and even styles.


Making emails holistic to various different platforms may seem like a difficult task, however if you begin
with the end in mind, content will start flowing very quickly.
We’ve broken down a little bit of information so you more easily create the content in your emails.

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Welcome email

Once you get a prospects email, it’s important to introduce yourself – and not just jump in knee deep in
information and content. Say hello, maybe even thank them for providing you with their email, and set a
precedent for what kind of emails they’ll be getting from you in the future.


A lot of people like to mention that they want to be the first point of contact if prospects have any
questions during the process. This might be a good time for your to mention this as well. Focus on the
conversion, but remember to still be a human. People want help, understanding and the ability to touch
base with someone when and if they have questions with whatever you’re helping them with, or selling
them on. Be that first point of contact for them, because chances are – if you continue to be a means of
support for them, they’ll contact you when i’s time to buy or sell.

Update emails

This one may be slightly self explanatory.


The market can change – I think that’s something we can all agree on so keeping your prospects up to date
on any changes will be immensely valued by your leads – and make you a huge asset to them.


Consider giving them updates when you see fit. I’m not talking every week – but when the bigger things
shift. Once a month, or even once every two to three months might be a good timeline to shoot for to give
them a general overview of shifts in their market they’d want to pay attention to.

Touching base

It’s never a bad idea to send prospects a reminder email that you’re always around to help with anything
they need.


People’s lives get busy! Things that were once on the forefront have since been pushed to the back burner
– which happens to every single one of us. Touching base with your prospects every few months to see if
they have any questions, want to book an appointment or even just to wish them a happy birthday or
holiday is a great practice to get into.


Drip emails are not only important to help you grow your brand, and prospect list, they’re key to help you
run a successful business. They’re literally helping you take your mind off a task, that would otherwise
take you a lot of time and frankly a ton of organization.


All in all, building email campaigns will only benefit your business. Take some time to plan it out, and
dive into better engagement and better communication that will become a lead generation source.


Author: Elysse Bujold

Elysse Bujold started her career at Disney Interactive Studios, where she grew on a project team advancing initiatives for the company. To further her professional growth and development, she then decided to join StreetText – an online platform for Real Estate agents to Generate Leads using Facebook Ad Marketing. Over the last year, Elysse has been driving marketing strategies and initiatives as well as content creating. StreetText is rooted in Kelowna, British Columbia. StreetText - Lead Generation Software

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