What is Public Health and Why Is it Important?

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Prosperous and civilised societies understand the need for a focus on public health. In order to have a sound economy and sound society, the well-being of the population must be a top priority.

From preventative action in the form of research and development to emergency care in desperate situations, there is an immense infrastructure dedicated to ensuring the stability and health of the population.

Public health remains a vital priority for governments and individuals alike, and it is no surprise that health-related job sectors are among some of the fastest growing anywhere. What does public health entail and why is it so important? We’ll explain the basics behind these questions so that you’ll be better informed on the matter.

The Basics of Public Health

When we think of the words “public health”, a medical setting may be the first thing that comes to mind. However, public health is much broader and more encompassing. Public health pertains not only to healthcare and medical treatment, but it also focuses on macro-scale solutions for better social and economic outcomes.

The primary goal of public health is to improve overall well-being within a community. Many people pursue online public health degrees or even their master in public health, with their end-goal being a career in disease prevention, paediatrics, infrastructure maintenance and even disaster response. There are hundreds of public health career paths to consider due to the expansiveness of the field.

Why Public Health Matters

Anyone who is familiar with history understands the hurdles that humanity has faced over the centuries. Just a few hundred years ago, poor city planning and a lack of understanding led to easily preventable diseases spreading like wildfire through urban populations.

People unaware of the effects of germs caused themselves havoc through their treatment of infrastructure, water, food and other necessities. Public health ensures economic stability, personal longevity and a stable social environment for all who live in a community. Without a proper public health system and planned responses to disasters, outbreaks and other unexpected situations, an easily correctable problem can spiral out of control.

Where Public Health Employees Make a Difference

With the issue of public health being such a broad concept, where are you likely to find public health employees? The most common place potentially is in positions of government: local, state and federal governments all employ various individuals affiliated with public health needs. A wide variety of local, regional and national health agencies also enlist public health services: health departments, hospitals and private organisations dedicated to public improvement. A variety of other entities, such as healthcare insurance companies and even educational institutions, also employ public health workers.

A career in public health may be something worth considering if you are planning on studying for a new career. Public health is a vital component of civilised society and requires countless public servants – in both the public and private sectors – in order to remain intact. Now that you know what constitutes public health, you’ll be better prepared for pursuing a career within it, championing its causes or explaining it to others.

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