Top 5 Safari Destinations Around the Globe

Safari Holidays are the way to see all those scenes most people saw on Animal Planet. These tours are good for both group and solo travelers and they are also one of the best wildlife experiences you can have on this planet. Good tours combine wildlife and culture, so besides seeing wild animals, tourists can also meet people who live on some of the most secluded places on earth and get introduced to their culture, customs and everyday life. Although some of the best tours are located on the African continent there are plenty of other places where people can enjoy safari tours and see wild animals in several different eco-systems.

Classic Serengeti Safari Tours in Kenya

1. Serengeti

This is the place where this kind of tourism originated from and it is by far the most popular place on Earth for a safari.  Authentic Masai villages are one of the most interesting parts of these trips and there tourists can even spend the night in the tribal bungalows made out of dried mud. When it comes to animals, some tours are organized when Masai Mara/ Serengeti Great Migration takes place. This way people are able to see this breathtaking natural phenomenon that includes millions of wildlife animals migrating to find fresh water.

Australian Safari Tours

2. Outback

Australian outback is a great environment for classic safari tours. Those include riding around some of the most secluded Australian National Parks in four wheel drive vehicles and sleeping in safari tents that include full size beds, electricity and fans. Some of these tours are very educative and offer an insight into the richness of Aboriginal culture.  If you choose a tour in the Northern Territory you will see the magnificent Uluru, one of the most outstanding rock formations in the world. In Australia you’re probably not going to see elephants and lions, but dozens of kangaroo’s and other exotic animals are definitely going to leave you speechless.

Gorilla Safari in Uganda

3. Guerilla Safari Uganda

This country is called the pearl of Africa and it surely deserves the name. It has some of the greatest natural treasure sights on the whole continent and the best way to see some of the wonders of this magnificent country is by booking some of the gorilla safari tours. Here you will be able to see these magnificent apes, while walking through dense forests protected by UNESCO. Visiting Gorilla Forest Camps that sometimes come without barriers will be the closest encounter to African wildlife you will ever have had.

Elephant Trekking Safari Tours in Thailand

4. Elephant Trekking Thailand

Thailand offers several different environments that are perfect for safari holidays. Tourists can choose between authentic Thailand’s rainforest safari  sightseeing and safari theme parks with the mix of wild animals from Africa and Asia. Some of the safari parks even have their marine parts where it is possible to see dolphin shows. In the safari theme parks visitors are able to watch tiger and lion feeding. Rainforest safari on the other hand gives visitors the opportunity to see animals in the wild and this includes elephants, orangutans and tigers. These safari tours sometimes include canoeing trips and camping, but also there are much more upscale options for people who want to combine wildlife experience and comfort. One of those is an elephant trekking tour that includes a stay in luxury villa on Koh Samui island. These more luxurious tours offer everything you would expect from an upscale African safari trip.

Safari in South Africa

5. Safari South Africa

It is hard for South African safaris to compete with similar tours in Kenyan Serengeti or Rwandan or Ugandan gorilla trekking. That’s why tourist workers in this country invented different kind of tours that combine wildlife spotting, city tours and visits to the vineyard country. Here you will be able to see similar wildlife as in most other African countries, and in addition to that you will see some of the most vibrant cities on the continent, stay in luxury villas and drink some of the finest wines in the world.

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