Things People Trying to Save Money Will Understand

Saving money can be very challenging for those it doesn’t come naturally to. Some of us are born saving, others know the struggle can be daunting and lonely, especially when all of your friends are not on the same page. Here are some things we think you might understand, because a lot of us are going through the same every day challenges.

  1.  Friends will call you stingy
  2.  You realize there are a lot of activities to do that cost little to nothing
  3.  You spend more time at home
  4.  Everything you do boils down to one thing: the budget
  5. You get off track once and consider throwing it all out the window and starting over next month
  6.  You feel a deep compassion for your friends who still use credit cards
  7.  You feel strong and empowered when you resist the siren call of McDonald’s or your friends going out to eat
  8.  You adopt the philosophy “pretend you don’t have any money to spend in the first place” (most of us don’t)
  9.  Realizing it’s harder than you imagined
  10.  Avoiding social life because it’s just another reason to spend money
  11.  Finding big milestones in the small things, like “I don’t go to Starbucks anymore,” or “We haven’t eaten out in 3 months”

If at least one of these strikes a cord with you, let us know in the comments or share on social media, and share your money saving struggles or tips with us.

Author: Claire Gagnon

Claire is our resident news editor with a lifelong passion for business & finance. In her spare time she enjoys cooking, gardening, reading, craft projects and spending time with her beloved horses.

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