The Differences in the New Ford Medium Duty Trucks

It’s easy for consumers to forget that companies like Ford design vehicles with purposes other than highway driving and puttering around town. But many trucks in the Ford product line are devoted to hard labor: on the job site and in large industrial applications.

The new medium duty Ford trucks have been created for big jobs, and the average person isn’t likely to see one parked in a neighbourhood driveway. But that doesn’t mean that there is any less thought that goes into the design of these big trucks. On the contrary, Ford’s new line of medium duty trucks are designed for comfort, style, and utility, as much as any design made for the average person.

They do this in a number of ways. In the old days, large trucks like these were Function over Fashion. Not only were they not built for looks, they weren’t built for comfort either. These were noisy, smelly, shakey vehicles. Today’s medium duty trucks by Ford are calmer on all counts. 45% quieter than their immediate predecessors, these make hard jobs a lot more tolerable. Just because your work is tough doesn’t mean that you should have to sit in a noisy uncomfortable cab all day.

Ford also makes their medium duty trucks adjustable to the needs of your job. They put all of the basic element of the truck underneath the cab, in order that the back end of the truck can be customized, or chosen from a variety of different options. It’s a vehicle that is able to be perfectly matched to every job, every duty, no matter how long or hard. Look for this versatility in any other manufacturer and you’re likely to be disappointed. Ford brings their long history of excellence to the modern era, where an unprecedented level of craft possibilities makes these trucks new.

Author: Group Features Editor

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