The Best Cities around the World for Students


One of the best things about studying is that you don’t have to stay at home to get the qualifications that you desire. With so many universities stationed around the world, studying becomes a choice between various destinations on the globe, whether you’re hoping to stay close to home or want to travel and see as much of the world as possible. Whether you’re choosing to study at an overseas university or want to travel whilst studying for an online bachelor of science in marketing from Arizona State University, we’ve listed some of the best destinations in the world for students.

London, UK

The capital city of the UK is a hotspot for students, and it’s easy to see why. With a hugely diverse community, buzzing nightlife and hundreds of things to do for entertainment with huge tourist attractions and streets and streets of shops, you can be assured that you’ll never get bored whilst studying for your online marketing degree in this vibrant and exciting city. Along with that, London is also the perfect location for graduates as it is home to several global company headquarters and one of the first places that many people find the perfect entry-level job.

Toronto, Canada

Canadians hold the record for having more college degrees than anyone else, so it’s easy to see why many students choose this city as the destination for their education. Whether you are hoping to read your degree at the University of Toronto or plan to live in the city whilst studying online for a degree from a college back home, this year Toronto has made it to the ‘top ten’ largely due to increased desirability levels and the diverse student population, which makes it one of the best places to live whilst you study.

Tokyo, Japan

If you’re hoping to experience a culture that is nothing like your own and perhaps even learn a new language, you might want to think about studying in the city of Tokyo, Japan. Tokyo is the most populous area in the world, with a population of over thirteen million inhabitants, meaning that it’s difficult not to make friends if you choose this destination to study in. Despite low scores on student mix and diversity, Tokyo is still a very desirable area with a lot of great job opportunities for graduates.

Sydney, Australia

If you’re hoping to spend some of your time as a student exploring gorgeous beaches and basking in the sun, heading to Australia is probably one of the best options. Described as the ‘city of fireworks’, Sydney ranks strongly on desirability for students. There are plenty of employment opportunities in Sydney for both students and graduates, too. However, this city disappoints a little when it comes to the factor of affordability, so make sure that you’re financially able to relocate there before you jet off.

Have you studied in a city or country that hasn’t made this list? We’d love to hear from you in the comments.

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