Samsung Galaxy Note4 – People of Note Take Interest

Four years on from the original Galaxy Note phablet, Samsung have released their fourth generation device: the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 with more power, a fantastic display and awesome camera.


To help demonstrate the life-changing-capabilities of this new phone, Samsung has launched its People of Note campaign, giving the Note 4 to eight prominent individuals to see how it improves their personal and professional working lives.

Brompton Bicycle

Will Butler-Adams – Managing Director of Brompton Bicycle – describes a typical working day using the Galaxy Note 4. Working in a fast-paced environment, it’s important that Will has a device that keeps him connected at all times as he spends most of his time on business travel or away from his desk on the shop floor.

..the more I use it, the more fun I’m having because I’m discovering things that it can do that I didn’t know it could do.” Will Butler-Adams talking about the Samsung Galaxy Note 4

Commenting on the powerful capabilities of the S pen and ability to edit documents in Excel, PowerPoint etc. Will compared the Note 4 to having his very own PC in his pocket. The multi-window function was also highly useful as it allowed him to easily switch between emails and other applications such as his calender.

“I’m having a lot of fun with the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 because it works – it does what I need, when I need it” says Will who regularly cycles through London using the device’s GPS system.

Rebecca Jackson

Racing Driver & Motoring Journalists, Rebecca Jackson also got to grips with the Note 4, using each of the phone’s incredible features such as the high-quality forward-facing camera and digital doodle function to help her stay organised.

Rebecca, who regularly writes reviews on new cars, found that using the scrapbook feature and S pen to extract information from the internet allowed her to keep notes all in one place. Speaking about the most import aspects of a mobile device she said: “a device has to do so much: it needs to help me stay organised, be great for communication, have a brilliant camera and basically allow me to do lots of things all at once.”

The Note 4 manages to tick all of these boxes by providing stunning front and rear view cameras equipped with wide angle selfie mode, 3GB RAM + 32GB Internal memory and a variety of connectivity options such as 4G, Download Booster, IR LED etc. The 5.7″ Quad HD Super AMOLED display with crystal clear images also provides the ultimate viewing experience.

This latest addition to Samsung’s ever-expanding family of devices combines a powerful little tool that is capable of making huge changes in your life. To read more, click here.

Author: Group Features Editor

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  • Jezzzer11

    I have to hand it to samsung, they listen to their customers and that’s truly reflected in the note4. Of course there are some downsides (such as size), but overall it gets my vote as smartphone of the year!