Renters Just as Likely to be Burgled according to Study

Renters are just as likely to experience a home burglary according to a recent survey.


It doesn’t matter whether you’re renting a home, condo, townhouse or apartment — the risk is always there. According to recent figures released by Renter’s Alarm, rented households in the US (currently 38,864,600) are just as likely to be victims of property crime with the number of renters increasing by +0.67% each year.

Every 14 seconds there is a burglary committed and over 2,000,000 home invasions each year – 97% of these happen when no one is at home. Alarmingly, only 13% of these burglaries are resolved by the police! To see the rest of these stats, check out the infographic below:

Burglary Statistics Infographic

Author: Group Features Editor

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  • jb123

    This is truly shocking!!!! Makes you feel unsafe to walk the streets!!

  • Missbbop

    Unbelievable!!!! Although it doesn’t suprise me that the stats are just as high for renters as homeowners – the thing that I find alarming is the sheer number of burglaries that happen each year – surely not all these households don’t have security installation??!