Relaxing Nighttime Habits to Get Your Body and Mind Ready for Sleep

Create a relaxing atmosphere for yourself every night in order to get your full sleep potential. Preparing the body and mind for sleep is an important step in getting a good nights rest. Don’t go to bed with your mind racing and your body still in work mode, or you will have a restless night and wake up feeling like crud.

Here is a list of important nighttime habits that will help you relax and get ready for a great sleep.

Drink an Herbal Tea

A combination of aromatic herbs is a beautiful way to calm the senses and get you ready to wind down. Herbal tea is naturally caffeine free, and many herbs have relaxing and calming effects perfect for the evening. Try a chamomile blend if you’re new to herbal tea, or let us know your favorite if you are a big herbal tea lover so we can try it too.

Dim the lights at night

Our body’s natural circadian rhythms, which help us feel alert and tired based on the sun, can get thrown off when we have a brightly lit room at night. It’s a simple switch, but making sure you don’t have your place lit up during your nighttime routine is a subtle but powerful shift.

Do a Brain Dump Before You Go to Bed

This one is HUGE. If I want to be energized and productive the next day and not go to sleep with 1000 racing thoughts, I have to do a brain dump. Whether it’s making sure my calendar is up to date, clearing out urgent emails, making tomorrow’s to-do list or just writing out any extra ideas/thoughts that are bouncing around, this practice has been a game changer. I can go to sleep easier knowing that when I wake up I’m not scrambling.

Make the Next Morning Easy

I love this one (when I do it.) Whether it’s laying your outfit out, making a lunch you’re actually excited about eating, packing your work bag, whatever it is, make the morning that much easier by doing those rushed tasks at night.

Take off your Makeup/Wash your Face

I’ve learned this the hard way too many times. It’s always worth it. It does make a big difference in your skin. Find products that you love and excite you and put joy into your skin care routine. And as an emergency measure when you’re feeling extra lazy (I’m talking to myself here) put some face wipes by your bed.


Put your Phone on Airplane Mode and Put it in Another Room

I’m sadly addicted to my phone. I know if I get sucked in, my time is sucked up. “I’m just going to check this one thing…” turns into a hour of lost time doing nothing. When it’s time to stop working I turn off the computer and turn my phone onto airplane mode and just put it away.

I would 100% recommend buying an old school alarm so you can keep your phone in the other room. Otherwise, it’s just so tempting. Not to mention blue light can keep you wired and tired making it harder to fall asleep when you finally shut down.

Light a Candle or Use an Essential Oil Diffuser

I think scent is one of the most underrated mood boosters. I’m a recent born again candle enthusiast and a brand new oil diffuser owner. Both are so wonderful. For me, lavender or earthy pine scents are my go to always and especially for relaxing evenings.

Create a routine that you’ll love, otherwise you just won’t stick to it. Start with one or two things first, to see how you like them and how they affect you.

Author: Claire Gagnon

Claire is our resident news editor with a lifelong passion for business & finance. In her spare time she enjoys cooking, gardening, reading, craft projects and spending time with her beloved horses.

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