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How to Reduce the Noise in Your Car’s Interior Cabin



A while back cars used to be noise machines, but as the technology advanced they became quieter, except for the high-performance cars.

vw interior

Nowadays you can hear the Ferraris, Lamborghinis, and Mustangs a mile away and people tend to associate loud, grumbling machines with high-performance. Most people don’t have those sports cars though and they don’t want their Honda sounding like a Ferrari so they prefer a quieter car and an even quieter interior.

Sound suppression technology

There are a lot of aftermarket products for cars like vinyl wraps and even sound suppression systems that reduce the interior cabin noise of a car. The sound suppression technology has advanced over the years, so much so that we can actually completely eliminate background noise. As a result, car manufacturers have started integrating this technology into their cars to make the interior as quiet as possible.


Depending on the brand of car you get you may not be able to hear the road at all, but those are the higher-end cars like Lexus and Audi. The lower-end cars don’t have that sound suppression technology built-in so it’s a louder ride. Most cars aren’t noisy by any means, but some people worry that eventually their interiors will get louder and louder as their car gets older.

Reducing the noise inside your car

It does happen, the interior of a car will get louder as the car gets older and there are a few different reasons why. First off, normal wear and tear will cause panels or knobs to get loose and vibrate, which can cause extra noise. You also have doors that can creak a little bit when opened because they’re older, but these aren’t big problems.


This type of interior noise is common and easily fixed by a mechanic or your dealership, but you also want to make sure that the noise isn’t a result of something that can negatively affect your engine. There’s a lot of different types of noises a car can make that you want to watch out for.


For the most part, the amount of interior noise you have will remain the same throughout the lifetime of the car, unless you start developing holes in the frame from rust. An increase in interior noise is normal, but if you really want to get rid of the noise there are some aftermarket solutions.

Sound-muffling the interior cabin

Most are pretty expensive, but one popular solution is a sound-muffling material that lines the hood and makes the engine quieter from the interior. Material like this has been road tested for thousands of hours so you don’t have to worry about it catching fire or damaging your car. All it does is dampen the sound coming from the engine so you hear less of it. If you really want to go all out you can take that same material and line your doors and trunk as well so the road noise doesn’t make its way inside.


An increase in interior cabin noise is pretty common so if you start to notice it then take your car into the dealership or mechanic. It’s usually a piece of the car that is loosening up and rattling, which is normal after thousands of miles.


If you want to go further and make your ride even quieter there are dampening solutions that come in a variety of different materials and prices. They work well, but by far the best option is sound-suppression technology that is actually built into the car, but for that you’re going to need to shell out some big bucks.

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Top Gear ‘as entertaining as ever’ according to new series review



The new series of Top Gear is “as entertaining as ever”, according to an early review.


The show has been plagued by reports that new hosts Chris Evans and Matt LeBlanc are at loggerheads and that members of the audience walked out before the end of taping.

The newly launched show will return to television screens this weekend, featuring the all-new line-up of Evans, Friends star LeBlanc and four other hosts, plus The Stig.

However, the pair appeared to have a “healthy, humorous rivalry” at the first taping of the show open to the public, the Guardian reported.

Early on in the recording Evans admitted to being very nervous and struggled with his lines.

“At one point he had his head in his hands and pretended to beat it on a car bonnet after getting stuck on a piece about the return of The Stig,” the newspaper said.

LeBlanc has previously dismissed claims that he is “at war” with Evans and admitted he had not expected the negativity the show has received prior to airing, or the anger of fans of the original line-up of Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May.

The show’s popular Star In A Reasonably Priced Car segment will be replaced with Star In A Rallycross Car in the new series, which will feature a new car and a new track.

The Social Network star Jesse Eisenberg and chef Gordon Ramsay will be the first guests.

The newspaper said: “The new series retains the high-speed hallmarks of the old and – while it may have a lot of work to do to get past the Clarkson purists – it remains as entertaining as ever. Which will be bad news to those who wish it ill.”

Top Gear returns to BBC Two on May 29 at 8pm.

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How to Get the Most Out of Your Work Vehicle




From sales to all types of trades, there are many occupations that require people to have work vehicles. A work vehicle needs to be reliable for the job, but it can also provide a range of other benefits if utilised properly. Here are a few ways you can get the most out of your car or ute.

Install a Storage Unit Canopy

Kitting out your car with a suitable storage unit will not only protect your tools, it will also use the space more efficiently. Need to lay your hands on a tool quickly? You’ll know exactly where it is stored. Need to make a few stops on the way home? A canopy keeps your tools safely locked away from opportunistic thieves. An affordable storage body like those from XL even work with central locking systems for further protection.

A storage unit also allows for dual-purpose use of your vehicle. With your tools safely put away, you will have room to throw recreational gear in the back. Whether you prefer to take off and go camping, fish or cycle in your downtime, you need space to take your equipment with you.

Turn it into a Mobile Office

If you move around a lot for work, turn your car into your own mobile workspace. Sometimes you need to be able to work on the go. By adding a couple of accessories to your car, you can knock over your administrative work, no matter where you are. Charge your phone, return calls and even take care of some invoicing work – that way you can be up-to-date before you even get home. Keep a charging cord and some notepaper in your car. Most modern vehicles have Bluetooth systems nowadays, however a headset is cheap to buy if you need one.

Advertise While You’re on the Move

Your work vehicle has plenty of space that you can take advantage of. Most signwriters offer magnetic signs that serve as temporary billboards – allowing you to remove any advertising when you are off-duty. If your work vehicle is parked near a job site each day, it’s a great opportunity to catch the eye of passing traffic with a colourful business ad. This leads to brand recognition; meaning your business will be at the forefront of your customers’ minds when they need your services.

Service Your Car Regularly

As with most mechanical items, regular servicing keeps your work vehicle in peak condition. Just as you check and maintain the family car, the work car also needs attention. Do a quick check of the tyres every day. If you are carrying heavy loads, your tyres will show signs of wear more quickly than others. Always check and adjust the tyre pressure to manufacturer’s recommendations as this can make a big difference to your fuel consumption. Top-up fluids when they get low and don’t skimp when it comes to servicing. In the long run, it will save you a lot of money.

These suggestions can help you make the most of the available space your work car offers. What are some other ways you can get more from a work vehicle?

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Volkswagen introduces innovative and revolutionary gesture control technology



“Isn’t it amazing what gestures can do?” that’s the tagline of Volkswagen’s latest ad campaign featuring an impressive stunt dog to promote their Gesture Control technology.

Jumpy the dog, who became famous on YouTube for his impressive tricks and stunts shows how simple gestures can create amazing stories. When Jumpy meets a lonesome man in the park, he accidentally becomes the hero in a personal love story.

This creative campaign from Volkswagen not only helps to demonstrate the simplicity and fun of using their innovative technology, but a new approach in which they aim to revolutionise the operation of vehicles.

No more buttons or switches

Volkswagen has said that soon we’ll be able to control many of our car’s features without using buttons or switches, thanks to Gesture Control.

In fact nearly all of the controls in the Golf R Touch, which was unveiled at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show, were either touch-screen or sensor-based.

The interior of the Golf R Touch

The interior of the Golf R Touch

The main reason for this is driven by the need to simplify increasingly complex technology in cars and to reduce driver distractions.

“The development team for the Golf R Touch pursued the goal of producing an interior and infotainment concept that would fulfil seemingly contradictory requirements,” explains Volkswagen. “Despite the continually growing complexity and number of functions, this concept was intended to reduce driver distractions while attaining maximum personalization and intuitive operation in the car.”

Advanced Gesture Control

Using proximity sensors and a 3D camera mounted in the roof lining, Volkswagen’s gesture control technology works by recording and interpreting hand movements to control almost every piece of equipment in the cabin.

For example, if the driver gestures to touch the roof then the car will bring up touchscreen controls for the sunroof. You can then gesture your hand back or forward to slide the roof open or closed. Similar hand-waving can be used to adjust the seats and even the climate control.

The firm claims the system is primarily designed to reduce the increasing array of distractions for the driver and make it more natural to control the technology. The layouts of the central touchscreen and the Active Info Display can be customized quickly, in a similar way to smartphones or tablets. The same applies to the entire colour staging in the interior.

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