New Twitter Analytics Show Number of Times Tweets Have Been Seen

It was once the preserve of Twitter’s blue-ticked celebrity users and big-spending advertisers.

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Now everyone can see how many times each of their tweets have been seen, and how other users have interacted with them, thanks to Twitter’s analytics system.

Twitter announced the roll-out of its statistics service to all users last night – with front end engineer Ian Chan tweeting: “Absolutely thrilled to open up access to Twitter Analytics to EVERYONE.

“Check it out, and let us know what you think.”

The online dashboard details how many people have seen each tweet, as well as how many people clicked on it or interacted with it in some way.

The monthly data appears as a graph, showing which days your reach was high, and which ones fell flat.

A separate tab shows statistics surrounding followers.

The number of followers is plotted over a two-year period, along with their sex, location, and interests.

Twitter users can access the dashboard by clicking here.

Author: Group Features Editor

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  • Socialbutterfly

    Facebook will be next! These two compete with each other on everything!!

    • MrPotter

      Sure why wouldn’t they? Facebook is on their way me thinks

      • MrPotter

        And good riddance hahah!

  • MrPotter

    It’s the way it’s going to go which I don’t like! This will most likely end up a paid service before long: (consumer) insight = big money!!!!