Mundo Lingo Language and Cultural Exchange Event – Melbourne

Language Exchange Event

Living in a country which is largely dominated by English language speakers, it can be difficult for foreign language learners (such as myself) to find native speakers to practice with. However, thanks to a new social project there are now dedicated ‘cultural exchange networks’ in cities such as Melbourne that allow locals to improve their language skills and learn more about other cultures.

Mundo Lingo

Every week Mundo Lingo host their ‘Multilingual Cultural Exchanges’ in Melbourne’s CBD in a bar from 7pm until late. The event is free for participants and upon arrival they are given a flag sticker of their native language or any other language they speak in order of proficiency.

Despite having only been established in Melbourne for just two months, the number of participants at each event continues to grow, with over 250 people at the past three events.

Cultural Exchange

While the primary focus of the event is on exchanging languages, participants also have the opportunity to exchange cultures with people from all around the world. They talk in small groups in a warm and friendly environment, and the topic of conversation is as much their choice as is the language.

To find out more visit their Facebook page ‘Mundo Lingo Australia


Every Wednesday from 7pm – Late


The European Bier cafe (120 Exhibition Street)


Everyone! Locals, Foreigners, Students. All ages and nationalities welcome.



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  • bpglobe

    what an amazing idea! I also love how the event is as much about learning from/about other cultures as it is about language!