What the Media Is Not Telling Us Today!

Whoever controls the media, controls the mind.



What is the media telling us today? Or, more importantly, what is it NOT telling us?

Are we racing toward ignorance? Why is it that all we hear about in the media is Trump and Russia? What’s going on in the rest of the world, and where is the good news? We are all taught to find the best in people, so why is there nothing good about either Donald trump or Russia? Why is it that we never hear stories about the good things that come from these two?

A recent Gallup poll noted that Americans are losing confidence in mainstream media. As technology advances, so does knowledge. We are witnessing a greater capacity to achieve global knowledge than any generation before us. As such, we are not content to study history or lose ourselves in fiction: rather, we long for current events, relevant stories, and news about the world around us. Right now. Today.

So what happens when our sources of knowledge, with all the technological advances and communications at their disposal, decide what our news should be? In the United States and Europe, media outlets have eyes and ears all over the world. Reporters are provided stories of victories, triumph amidst adversity, and genocidal terrorist organizations intent on eradicating entire nationalities, ethnicities, and religious people in the name of service to a “god” they think desires that.

Stories we never hear,

In the Middle East, a small village in northern Iraq where a mere 10 farmers fought off 70 Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS)  militants to provide their families time to escape before the terrorist organization invaded their home. They were victorious and nearly every family was able to escape before IS came back.

This story would not take a reporter travelling in the east long to learn about, so why aren’t we hearing about it and the many more like it?  One can only imagine what foreign reporters and correspondents are able to learn every day!

The Influence of the Media,

These are exactly the stories we don’t hear.  Most mainstream media outlets with the largest audiences are no longer run by multiple companies or those with a passion to gain and spread knowledge from a variety of opinions. Rather, they are run by a select elite in the US. In 1983, over 50 companies owned the mainstream media.  Today it is six. Six main news companies that all talk about the same few things… Trump and Russia, Syria, Facebook, etc.

The media has a direct influence over the people. They are there to provide the governed with the stories worldwide that cannot be experienced for themselves. What are the people to believe, if not the daily media? Knowledge gained from these sources is not varied; it’s all the same. Imagine the moral of the people if they heard a wider range of stories about the world around them. They could form an opinion for themselves, instead of having their opinion formed for them.

What are the good things Trump has done? Where are the heroic stories from the middle east like the one above? The media is telling us plenty, plenty of the same things. The bad is highlighted, the good is left out, and we are left with an American nation who is loosing trust in the mainstream media.

All we ask is that you pay attention to who makes your opinions. The media, or you.

What do you think? Let us know.


Author: Louise Fitchard

Louise is Agenda’s resident fashion & lifestyle expert. She also covers topics relating to entertainment & travel. Out of work, you can find Louise at the cinema, reading romantic novels or buying (another) pair of heels for her next trip abroad.

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