How to Lose 35 Pounds in 1 Year


A common problem this day and age, being overweight is known to kill one’s motivation throughout their youth and cause serious health issues later in life. The infamous subcutaneous fat can not only damage one’s heart, but in addition is extremely difficult to get rid of later in life. But progress rarely comes all at once, and seldom, when it does, it is known to regress almost as quickly as it appeared. There is no magic formula that will get you fit, but only a combination of regular exercise, diet improvement and change in the way one thinks.

The early bird gets the worm

As soon as you wake up and you’re through your first caffeine shot, you are at your most rested until the next morning. This, along with the fact that your stomach is empty, is the reason why one should tend to work out in the morning. Not having anything to spend, but your carefully hoarded fat deposits, you are bound to bask in success in a matter of weeks. If you are a busy person, you can always opt for the popular High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), which is based on maximum energy consumption for a minimal period of time (usually no longer than 20 minutes).

Put some moves on

If you aren’t taken by this idea, why not trying to walk or cycle to your work? Moving is normal and something that the evolution of our body hasn’t been able to neutralize as a need just yet. Just move that alarm clock back by an hour, and that’s pretty much the only sacrifice you’ll have to make. Plus, unlike jogging or sprinting, walking is considerate to your knees, an age-old problem that plagues plenty a seasoned sportsman.

Stay firm

Although physical activity is a tremendous progress from being a sloth, in some instances it simply isn’t enough. Here’s where the dietary improvement and changing the way you think jumps in. There’s plenty of foods, the modern world promotes, that are nearly or completely useless and you’d be amazed at how a little bit of willpower can shift your needs. Granted, it takes time, but show some tenacity and you’ll be rid of those starchy fat inducers.

Lower your carb intake

For one, carbs are not quite the thing you don’t need, but they are almost the thing you don’t need. Eliminate bread completely from your diet! Yeah, I know, it’s hard not to munch on a tasty burger, but hear this, and this is a fact: every time you actually crave meat, your brain misguides your body into thinking you need bread. This has a lot to do with the texture. So instead of eating a burger, eat twice the meat with no bread! You’ll see that after a couple of months, you won’t be craving starch ever again. Find out more about brain’s food center displacement by googling about organic food online.

So get off your ass, go for a jog/walk, find a suitable workout routine online. Focus on meat, because it’s overflowing with nutritious stuff that give you energy. Exchange all the sweets and juices for raw or squeezed fruit and forget about buying bread. Eat your greens instead of those fries and you can expect to lose those 35 extra pounds in a matter of a single year.

Author: Daniel Rogers

Daniel was unhappy with his weight for years until he decided to make some changes. Today, he is dedicated to sharing his knowledge and personal experience in an attempt to help others who feel the same way he did. Follow Daniel on Twitter @Danny_writer

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