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The Importance of the Shipping Industry for the Global Economy



People estimate that about 90% of everything that we buy has been on a journey by ship and shipping container. With so many imports and exports going on all over the world, the shipping industry is one that is quite massive.

UK Shipping industry


There are lots of interesting and fun facts about the shipping industry that you may not be aware of, so here is a list of some of the more interesting facts that you can find.

A Massive Industry with Massive Ships

The first shipping container vessels were old tankers left over from World War 2. These ships could hold just less than 60 twenty-foot shipping containers. If you compare the size of the ships to the modern day equivalents, the modern behemoths can carry somewhere in the region of 18,000 twenty-foot containers.

Shipping container vessels are the largest vehicles ever made and can transport cargo very efficiently. If you are looking to send a shipment from one end of the world to the other, then using a shipping container is the friendliest form of transport for our environment.

At any one time there are about 20 million shipping containers being transported on our Oceans, with about 55,000 merchant ships carrying the cargo around the world. The three largest fleets by in the world are the Germans, Japanese and the Greeks. Some of the larger ships can cost over $200 million US Dollars to build, which makes them some of the most expensive transport vehicles in the world.

A Safe Way to Transport Cargo

Although there are quicker ways to transport cargo around the world, the use of shipping containers and shipping vessels is considered a safe way to transport cargo. Shipping has been going on for thousands of years, with people willing to travel vast distances to buy and sell cargo, and make money.

As long as there has been a shipping industry, there have also been pirates. Pirates are a problem that is still prevalent in this modern age. Areas that are at risk are places such as off the coast of Somalia on the way to the Suez Canal, and also parts of South East Asia. It is common for pirates to board ships of all sizes and descriptions, and hold the ship hostage until their ransom is met. The vessels and crew are usually held for ransom until the owners of the ships comply with the pirates demands.

There are roughly around 1.5 million people that are employed all over the world in the global shipping industry. The most popular nationality of seafarers by far is Filipino, with over 250,000 people making up the 1.5 million employed in the industry.

Every year about 2,000 workers lose their lives at sea whilst working on shipping container vessels, and on average two ships are lost each day, whether to natural occurrences or pirates.

A Shipping Container for Every Purpose

With so many different types of cargo being transported all over the world, there is a shipping container suitable for just about every type of cargo.

Electronic Goods Furniture Other Vehicles
Clothing Chemicals Animals
Frozen Foods Raw Materials Toys & Games
Fresh Foods Cars Much, much more

It is possible to find a suitable shipping container to transport your cargo, no matter what your cargo may be. A shipping container allows you to transport cargo to any place in the world at a very cost effective price. The price of shipping is so cheap that it is cheaper for Scotland to send all of the Cod fish that it catches, 10,000 miles away to China to be processed and filleted. The fish will then be sent back to Scotland where it is then sold in the shops and markets. The cost of transporting the fish all this way over two legs is still cheaper than processing the fish in Scotland. That’s the economy with shipping containers.

The USA relies on the shipping industry and their ships to deliver about two-thirds of its oil supply. There are over 350 commercial ports in the USA that deal with the $1.73 trillion dollars worth of goods (estimated during 2011) that arrives in the country each year.

In the USA, they inspect around 5% of the 17 million containers that are transported to the USA each year. The average worldwide for inspecting the contents of a shipping container is between 2-10%. The shipping containers are searched to ensure that no contraband is being transported, or that the declaration of goods and duty owed is correct. Due to the very low percentage of shipping containers that get checked, they are still a very popular way to transporting illicit goods around the world.

Shipping Containers around the World

There are many other facts about the shipping industry, and it is only a matter of time until they bring out the new breed of shipping container vessel that will be able to transport more than 18,000 containers! If you need to transport cargo using sea freight, then you can find shipping containers for sale.

One of the biggest shipping companies in the world is Maersk. Their shipping containers emblazoned with their name are a common site for people all over the world. If you lined up all of the shipping containers that Maersk own, then these would reach almost half way around our planet. If you stacked all of the shipping containers together, then they would be 7,530 times taller than the Eiffel Tower in France. If you emptied the contents of all of the Maersk shipping containers and loaded the cargo onto trucks, the trucks would line up for over 60 miles.

The shipping industry is a huge source of revenue for countries all over the world, with around 2% of the GDP of the UK coming from shipping. It definitely is a force to be reckoned with in the economy of a country and it definitely, is here to stay.

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Backstabbing Trudeau gossips about Trump with other world leaders causing Trump to leave NATO suddenly'



Backstabbing Trudeau gossips about Trump with other world leaders

US President Donald Trump called Justin Trudeau “two-faced” Wednesday after Canada’s Prime Minister was caught on camera appearing to joke about Trump with other world leaders at a Buckingham Palace event the night before.

“He’s two-faced,” Trump said, adding, “honestly with Trudeau, he’s a nice guy.”

The video appeared to show British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, French President Emmanuel Macron, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte having a laugh about Trump’s behavior during the summit.

The 25-second clip, which has gone viral and was first reported by CBC , begins with Johnson asking Macron why he was late.

“Is that why you were late?” Johnson asked.

Macron nodded, as Trudeau replied, “He was late because he takes a … 40-minute press conference at the top.”


Celebrity British Chef Gary Rhodes Dies Suddenly At 59

Trump’s remarks follow the president’s Tuesday meeting with the Canadian leader in which the two men appeared to get along, though Trump needled Trudeau over Canada’s defense spending.

“Where are you at? What is your number?” Trump asked Trudeau during their meeting on the sidelines of the NATO summit outside London. Trudeau responded that Canada had, in fact, increased its spending on defense over the past few years. That did not appear to placate Trump, who pressed on: “Where are you now in terms of your number?”

Canada, a NATO member, spends about 1.4% of its gross domestic product on defense. Trump and past U.S. presidents have urged the alliance’s members to spend 2% or more on defense. At present, seven of NATO’s 29 members have reached that target. The U.S. is by far the largest contributor to the alliance, which was set up during the Cold War to protect Western Europe from Russian and Eastern bloc aggression.

Trump cancels NATO

President Donald Trump on Wednesday abruptly canceled a press conference that was scheduled to cap a contentious trip to the U.K. for the North Atlantic Treaty Organization’s 70th anniversary meeting.

“When today’s meetings are over, I will be heading back to Washington,” Trump said in a series of tweets.

“We won’t be doing a press conference at the close of NATO because we did so many over the past two days. Safe travels to all!” Trump said.

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Celebrity British Chef Gary Rhodes Dies Suddenly At 59



Jaime Oliver and Gordon Ramsay praised the former “Hell’s Kitchen” and “Masterchef” star.

Celebrity chef Gary Rhodes, who helped transform the poor reputation of British food, has died aged 59 with his wife, Jennie, by his side, his family said Wednesday.

Rhodes’ family said in a statement that he died Tuesday, but did not elaborate on the cause of death, saying only that they thank everyone for their support and ask for privacy during this time.

Fellow celebrity chefs from around the world expressed their sympathies to Rhodes’ family and children, and praised Rhodes for his life’s work.

On Instagram, British chef Jamie Oliver said Rhodes “was a massive inspiration to me as a young chef. He re-imagined modern British cuisine with elegance and fun.”

Another fellow British chef, Gordon Ramsay, tweeted: “We lost a fantastic chef today in Gary Rhodes. He was a chef who put British Cuisine on the map. Sending all the love and prayers to your wife and kids. You’ll be missed.”

Starting in the 1990s, Rhodes ran innovative British restaurants in London and beyond. He was a star in the TV show “Hell’s Kitchen” and fronted “MasterChef” and “Rhodes Around Britain.” He also authored several cookbooks.

The National newspaper in Abu Dhabi reported Rhodes had been residing in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, since 2010, where he was also known for his dine-in menu at cinemas across Dubai and Abu Dhabi. He’d been seen just last week filming a TV show in Dubai, the paper reported.

A statement issued by Marriott’s Grosvenor House Dubai and Le Royal Meridien in Dubai, where he operated restaurants, said staff there were “devastated” by the death of “a true culinary legend.”

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Prince Andrew makes excuses for Jeffrey Epstein, becomes national joke



Woman calls on Prince Andrew to speak up about sexual assault

A woman identified as Jane Doe 15 is suing the estate of disgraced financier Jeffrey Epstein, alleging he preyed upon, trafficked and sexually abused her when she was 15.

The woman, now 31, who spoke at a news conference Tuesday with her attorney Gloria Allred said she grew up in a poor family in the Midwest.

According to the lawsuit, filed in District Court for the Southern District of New York, the woman met Epstein in 2004 during a trip to New York City with her high school drama group. She spent a day of the trip with her sister, who lived in New York and already knew Epstein, the lawsuit states.

Jane Doe 15 and Allred called on Prince Andrew —who sought to explain his friendship with Epstein in a BBC interview that aired Saturday — to state what he knows to law enforcement.

Prince Andrew knows nothing, according to his interview with BBC TV

the Queen of England’s second-born son attempted to defend his relationship with the convicted sex abuser. Other excuses? “It would be a stretch” to say that he was ever “close friends” with Epstein, who was only the “plus one” of the British socialite Ghislaine Maxwell. (Maxwell has herself been cited in multiple lawsuits as a proactive accomplice to Epstein’s sexual offenses. She has previously denied all allegations against her related to Epstein.)But Andrew was simultaneously such a good friend that it was a matter of honor to visit Epstein in New York, after his prison release in 2010, to break the friendship off in person. “I admit fully that my judgment was probably colored by my tendency to be too honorable,” said the prince.

He also acknowledged that Epstein “conducted himself in a manner unbecoming.” “Unbecoming?” responded Emily Maitlis, the BBC’s interviewer. “He was a sex offender.” “Yeah, I’m sorry, I’m being polite,” replied the honorable royal.

The prince’s lack of humanity or perspective as he answered the questions put to him was astonishing.Even when invited to offer a closing statement, Andrew didn’t offer an expression of sympathy to Epstein’s victims. Throughout, he focused on the small stuff. He didn’t organize a birthday party for Maxwell at the royal residence of Sandringham, merely “a straightforward shooting weekend.” He didn’t attend a party to celebrate Epstein’s release, merely “a small dinner party, only eight or 10 of us.”

He doesn’t regret his friendship with Epstein, because the man’s “extraordinary ability to bring people together” gave him wonderful networking opportunities.

Where else might a prince pick up networking opportunities?Andrew wouldn’t have noticed victims of people trafficking populating Epstein’s houses, because although “I don’t wish to appear grand,” he’s used to having “staff” around. He doesn’t recall meeting 17-year-old Virginia Roberts (now Giuffre) in London, who claimed she slept with Andrew under orders from Maxwell and Epstein, which he denies even though there’s an apparent photo of them with Andrew’s arm around her at Maxwell’s London home with Maxwell in the background. (“You can’t prove whether or not that photograph is faked or not,” said the prince.)

Andrew says Roberts is an unreliable witness, because she claims that Andrew “sweated profusely.” On the contrary, Andrew tells us, heroic military service in the Falklands War left him with a condition that limits his sweating. “So I’m afraid to say that there’s a medical condition that says that I didn’t do it.”

If you’ve got this far, then yes — this really is a litany of excuses made by a senior member of the British Royal Family on an authorized interview, reportedly given with the Queen’s permission, with the BBC.

The interview is being uniformly reported as a PR disaster.

prince andrew

For British viewers, the incident has already become a national joke.

But there are clearly bigger issues at play. At the heart of this story are the experiences of a group of young, working-class women allegedly sexually exploited by a wealthy elite. At one particularly uncomfortable moment, Andrew told the BBC’s Maitlis that he’d remember any sex act, because “if you’re a man it is a positive act to have sex with somebody. You have to take some sort of positive action.” The implication was that he understands the female sexual experience as inherently passive — not a good sign under the circumstances.

The unearned privilege the royals enjoy is almost impossible to justify in an egalitarian age. Royalist constitutional theorists have always responded to this criticism by arguing that to be raised royal is to undergo a unique educational process that by definition instils virtue and duty in those who experience it. To help keep up this façade of Aristotelian virtue and noblesse oblige, the royals are usually careful never to let television cameras get too close to their real selves. Prince Andrew and the Jeffrey Epstein scandal has thrown a fireblanket on Brexit and the UK election.

Prince Andrew’s decision to open up to the cameras this week blew that argument out of the water. He denied specific allegations that he slept with any women trafficked by Epstein. It is important to point out that the age of sexual consent in Britain is 16, whereas even if Andrew had slept with Roberts during Epstein’s trip to London, as she claims and he denies, she would have been 17.

But Andrew came across throughout the interview as a man who is used to being waited on by ever-present “staff”; who doesn’t ask questions about how his glamorous friends obtained their wealth or why they’re surrounded by underage girls; who is quicker to specify the exact status of a social occasion than to condemn a sex trafficker. Not all the British royals, it turns out, are bred to be paragons of virtue. They are, if Andrew is anything to go by, entitled man-children, incapable of understanding consequences.

Even now, Andrew is unlikely to face any serious consequences for his behavior. The British police rarely press charges against royals. Not being democratically elected, or appointed on merit, Andrew can’t be voted out of office or sacked. He might be well advised to avoid traveling to America. But he will always be a prince of the United Kingdom.

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