How to Maximise Your Chances of a Promotion into a Management Role


Some people go through life happy to stay in the same job, on the same pay grade, with little or no responsibility. There is nothing wrong with this approach – after all, the cogs of industry grind on thanks to reliable, unambitious souls like this – but if you have your eye on a promotion, you need to lay the groundwork first.

In some cases, promotion is part of the package. For example, if you graduate from an MSA program online from Villanova University with top grades, and then enter an accelerated management-training program with a blue chip company, you don’t expect to stay in the post room for long. But if you left school with few qualifications apart from a burning ambition to be more successful than everyone else in your family, you are going to have to work a bit harder.

Here are several tried and tested techniques for maximising your chances of promotion into a management role. They are not guaranteed to work, but they will definitely help your cause.

Study for an MBA

An MBA under your belt, especially one from a prestigious university such as Stanford or Harvard, will definitely help your chances of reaching a coveted management position within a short period of time. However, what you need to remember is that books only teach you the theory. You won’t become an effective manager unless you get out there and gain some experience.

Ask for Extra Responsibility

It is important to speak up if you want to take on extra responsibility. Don’t wait for your annual staff appraisal before you ask to try working in a new department. If there is a new project or a new department opening up, ask your boss for the opportunity to work there so you can gain new experience. By showing your boss you are willing to put the hours in, you are more likely to be considered for promotion when the time is right.

Speak Up

Speak up and be heard. If you have something to say, say it. If your boss has made a mistake, let him know and then explain your reasoning. They will respect you more for your honesty.

Be a ‘Can Do’ Person

Don’t keep your head down when things are going wrong. Muck in and do your best to sort out problems when they arise. As long as you are cheerful and happy to work when called up to do some overtime, your superiors will soon start to see you as a ‘can do’ person they can call upon when necessary.

Avoid the Drama

Gossip and idle chatter is best avoided if you are hoping for a promotion. It’s easy to be sucked into water cooler gossip, but you won’t be doing yourself any favours in the end.

If you think you have ticked all of the right boxes, yet you keep being passed over for promotion, make a point of asking why at your next employee appraisal.

Author: Group Features Editor

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