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How new technology is influencing football



Technological advancements have affected every aspect of the game of football, from training to viewing. Because of technology, the game is safer to play, and there’s more ways to view the game. Here’s a look at how technology is influencing football from training to watching the game at home.

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Virtual Reality and QB Training

Did you know quarterbacks are training with virtual reality? Using video-game-like technology, QBs run plays, check receivers, decipher defensive coverage, and make split-second throwing decisions. The training is conducted using a headset that covers the QB’s eyes and launches him into training.

“I felt like I was in the future putting this thing on – something that you would see on TV shows.” Mississippi quarterback Ryan Buchanan told ABC News. All three of Ole Miss.’ Quarterbacks are being asked to train on the simulator, which gives users a complete 360-degree field of vision.

Plastics Have Improved Field Safety

Football is among the most dangerous sports. After multiple head injuries resulted in more cases of chronic trauma encephalopathy and multiple concussion lawsuits, even the president expressed that he wasn’t sure he’d support a son playing the violent sport.

Luckily, plastics innovations have improved the protective gear players wear. Polycarbonate plastic is what’s used in bullet-proofed windows and today’s football helmets. Using a mix of hard and soft plastic, players have a more absorbent and safer football uniform.

Advanced Computer and Camera Systems

Advanced computer and camera system ensure that you don’t miss anything when you’re watching at home. You want to the feeling of being on field, or in the stadium? Innovations in filming have resulted in an all-new high-tech way to view football games.

The ability to truly view it all comes from high-speed cameras, as well as a new backboard of slow-motion cameras, and new graphics packages. “One of the more unique cameras with goals of future implementation – the LDX XtremeSpeed 6X system – will exist in nine of the Fox Sports regions.” Here’s looking forward to even better looking games, according to Fox Sports.

High-Definition and Sports Packages

It used to be impossible to catch every game. Sometimes, local games would be blacked out because the area didn’t sell enough stadium tickets. Or, if you liked a team that wasn’t local, you’d be hard-pressed to view their regular season non-playoff games.

Today, there’s NFL Sunday Ticket channels to ensure you don’t miss a second of your favorite team. Moreover, games can be recorded and watched later on DVR systems that are designed to record up to five television shows all at once. And, when you record and watch later, you can fast-forward through commercials.

Mobile Devices and Apps

If you’re on-the-go, you don’t have to miss games. You can download apps that stream games or stay up-to-date on the latest game news by following your favorite sports channels. Players, coaches, and other industry professionals use their mobile devices to track their health, record plays, and analyze game data.

The future of technology will continue to effect football. It’s going to continue to affect how the game is played, the safety of players, and how fans view the game. In many respects, it’s the safety benefits of technology that will have the biggest impact on the game. If technological advancements can result in a safer game, maybe the sport will be faced with less criticism.

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Surfing The World’s Longest Wave In Brazil



The indigenous people who live along the Amazon River in Brazil have a word for the tidal bore that rushes in from the Atlantic Ocean. They call the wave Pororoca, which translates to “big roar”. Find out how surfer Serginho Laus has mastered what is one of the longest waves in the world.

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3 Tips For Online Sports Betting



Online sports betting is extremely popular right now, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s simple or easy. Before placing wagers, beginners should take care to familiarize themselves with some important online sports betting tips and strategies. Furthermore, it is essential for sports bettor beginners to remember to set realistic goals, use a budget, keep records, and always compare odds and lines – as well as to be responsible, in a general sense, regarding personal finances. Always remember, no matter how much fun it might be, or how tempting the gains may be, betting carries risk.



With that said, we’re going to delve further into some basic tips for beginners.


1.) Set Realistic Objectives

Setting realistic objectives for your online sports betting is key. Although winning a few light wagers right away is easy to do, making an actual profit over time is quite difficult. Therefore, it is imperative that you don’t expect to make a profit in the short run, because the vast majority of beginners won’t. If you assume you are going to turn a profit shortly after you begin betting, you may become discouraged, and the whole thing may stop being fun. Remember too that it takes more than extensive sports knowledge to be a successful sports bettor. This is actually a key difference between sports betting and some other, similar activities. For instance, where stocks are concerned, it’s often recommended to invest in what you know; in sports betting that’s wise to a point, but it’s also easy to fall into a trap of trusting your own perceived expertise – which can lead you to make decisions out of preference.
e or pride rather than numbers and data.

2.) Always Compare Odds and Lines

When betting on sports online, it is important to always compare odds and lines. Nowadays there are platforms displaying whole collections of different bookmaking sites, which makes it easier than it’s ever been to look at various sets of odds for the same events. Bookmakers do not always offer the same lines, and there is money to be saved in some cases if you can find the most fitting or favorable options. Line-shopping is crucial in order to make financially advantageous bets, even if the savings seem minimal at first. Basically, if you keep betting over time, the incremental amounts you might hold onto by getting better odds at one place or another can actually add up to meaningful savings.

3.) Use A Budget and Keep Records

No matter how much money you have, everyone needs a budget to decide how much is worth risking in online sports betting. In the simplest terms, as stated by an expert quoted in a HuffPost article on football betting: be sure not to bet more than you can afford to lose! Record-keeping is also an absolute must for beginner online sports bettors, and relates to budgeting. Simply put, without keeping records it is hard to track how much money you are spending. Additionally, record-keeping can help you to identify patterns and find ways to improve as a bettor. This is critical if making a profit, in addition to having a bit of fun, is a long-term objective. At a
n absolute minimum, for each wager placed you should record the selection, the odds, the result, and any gains or losses.

Now, we’ll reiterate again that the most important thing of all is to be careful about your own finances. Sports betting is designed to make money for the bookmakers, which means taking it from bettors. Provided you understand this however, and make sound strategic decisions, it can be a fun way to enjoy the sports you love even more – and possibly bring in some money while you’re at it.

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4 Cardio Intensive Exercises to Try



123845894Cardiovascular training (or cardio, for short) is something that should be a key part of any fitness regime. Cardio training is any workout that raises your heart rate – running, swimming, and skipping are some popular exercises that get the blood pumping. But rather than doing these activities at a low-intensity for an extended period of time, you should look at engaging in High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT). This is where you repeatedly do short bursts of high intensity exercise and follow it with recovery, or low intensity, period, before repeating. This technique burns fat faster than other methods as it raises your heart rate higher and keeps it up, meaning that your body is working harder. If you’re needing a bit of inspiration, try the following 4 exercises to start puffing!


A favourite of sporting teams the world over, agility ladders are a fantastic training aid that help you improve coordination, balance and general fitness. These lay flat on the ground to provide a guide for your feet, but the workout is really up to you and your imagination! One of the most popular drills is the ‘In and Out’, where you face the side of the ladder and with both feet, step in and out of each box. If the direction of travel was right, it would go right foot in, left foot in, right foot out, left foot out for each box. Do this as fast as possible for the length of the ladder, then have a recovery period as you walk or jog back to the start of the ladder and repeat it on the other side. Look online to find demonstrations of different patterns and you’ll have the fanciest footwork before you know it. Agility ladders can be found in sporting stores such as HART Sport.

Mountain Climbers

Go into the plank position, making sure that your arms are straight underneath your shoulders and your back is flat. While holding this position is a workout in itself, up the ante by driving one knee up so that it’s in line with your hips (or higher), then switching legs quickly: this is the mountain climber. Try do as many as possible in thirty seconds and feel your legs, abs and shoulders burn! Have a short rest, then repeat.


For this exercise, start by doing a standing jump and landing softly before bending to place your hands in front and extending your legs behind to form the plank position. Do a pushup, then bring your feet back in to stand up and repeat the exercise. Working the entire body, this drill is nothing short of painful, but is worth it for the results! For something a bit easier, you can start off with the ‘Squat Thrust’ that excludes the jump from the exercise.


This one is a killer, simply involving sprints of increasing length. It helps to do this on a basketball or netball court, but you can make your own markers if need be. Beginning at the base line, sprint to the first intersection line, bending down to touch it, and sprint back to the starting point. Repeat this in a pyramid system, making the sprints longer until you’re sprinting the full length of the court, then go back down in length until you’re sprinting the shortest distance again. Then finish, have a rest, and go again!

As well as increasing your fitness, these cardio exercises have a host of other benefits – they can improve your heart health, metabolism and stress-levels, so start incorporating them into your fitness routine today!

What are some of your other favourite ways to work out your cardiovascular system? Tell us about them in the comments below!

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