How Health Issues in Africa are Improving

There is no doubt that life is gradually improving in Africa. For a continent with such a difficult history, Africa is redeeming her image admirably. These days, you are likely to hear about technological advancements and increased investment opportunities in the region.

Eko Atlantic - Nigeria's New Dubai-like city

Eko Atlantic – Nigeria’s New Dubai-like city

Health issues are also improving across the continent. You may be wondering about the reasons behind this improvement. Well, a variety of factors can be attributed to increased health awareness and improved healthcare systems in Africa.

For starters, most economies in the region have received a financial boost of some sort, enabling them to increase the budgetary allocations made to their health sectors. While some countries have received this boost from discovering oil deposits or working on their manufacturing industries, a large number have successfully wooed investors who are keen on boosting their healthcare systems.

The funds that are channelled to the health sector have been used in different ways, including purchasing new hospital equipment and medicines. Furthermore, some of this money is used to give attractive compensation packages to healthcare personnel. Brain drain has been a persistent problem in Africa, with hundreds of nurses, doctors and other medical staff leaving for greener pastures in more developed countries. Now most countries in Africa recognize this and are taking steps to retain medical personnel through provision of good working conditions and better pay.

Additionally, more African business leaders and politicians are taking proactive steps to tackle various health issues. Take the example of Mrs. Jennifer Atiku, the wife of the former Nigerian Vice President. Mrs. Atiku is the founder and director of GEDE Foundation, a non-profit organization based in Washington DC. This charity deals with HIV/AIDS prevention and management in Nigeria. It also focuses on health education. Mrs. Atiku has managed to use her international profile to attract donors to help improve the lives of those affected by the AIDS pandemic in her home country. By taking a look at some of Jennifer Atiku’s pics, you can appreciate the work she does.

These prominent personalities have also managed to push some health issues affecting African populations into the limelight. The increased attention has had the benefit of raising awareness on these issues, leading to increased research in these areas and ultimately, improved health interventions.

For instance, several African first ladies have launched health campaigns to improve maternal and child health care. They have mobilized funds and investors towards their causes and have managed to improve health facilities and services offered to both mothers and children. The result has been a gradual decline in maternal and child deaths, proving that such methods, used effectively, can have positive results.

Although Africa still faces numerous health challenges, the future is beginning to look brighter. African governments should make it a priority to allocate significant funds towards improving their countries’ health sectors and infrastructure. This entails building more hospitals as well as staffing and equipping them. Furthermore, if more time is devoted to raising awareness on health problems and improving health education, then you can bet that the remaining health issues on the continent will eventually be brought under control.

Author: Group Features Editor

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