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How Can My Business Use Video Conferencing?



video conferencing

Meetings are essential to the running of any business, but they can be a hassle to put together. When you have to travel miles in between meetings, or need to bring together people from all over the map, it can seem like a nuisance. That’s why many businesses now are trying out online video conferencing as an alternative.

If you’ve never used it before, video conferencing is essentially a way of holding meetings from the comfort of your own office. If the idea of not having to travel or get attendees together physically is appealing to you, read on to see just how you could use the technology.

Get people together from all corners of the globe: With business routinely being done all around the world at the push of a button, it’s likely that you have contacts from far flung countries that it’s difficult to get in touch with at the best of times, never mind have a full meeting with. Video conferencing means that you can talk across time zones in real time, allowing you to get in touch and communicate effectively despite location.

Avoid having to travel long distances: You may have found that to attend important meetings, you have to travel out to get to them. This can lead to a loss in time and money, as you spend cash on travel, accommodation and meals. This can put a significant dent in both your budget and your productivity, two things you really don’t want depleted. Instead, meeting online means that you can eliminate these two problems at a stroke, instead spending that time and money on more important matters.

Give presentations online: It may feel like an online meeting would be lacking the features of a physical face to face meeting, but you’d be surprised. Video conferencing software can allow you to share files and presentations, allowing you to share information quickly and easily, just as you would in a conventional meeting.

Your employees can work from home: There are many employees who would like the option to telecommute to work, even if it’s for one day a week. Mashable says that giving them this option saves on office space, recruiting and retraining. Video conferencing allows telecommuters to stay in touch with the office, meaning they stay in the loop and the office doesn’t lose a valuable employee.

Conduct interviews online: The process of recruitment can be long, costly, and drawn out. It can be difficult to recruit when some of your best interviewees are struggling to attend, due to distance or other issues. A great alternative is to use video conferencing to conduct interviews. As it’s video, you don’t miss out on valuable non verbal communication and a connection with your potential new employee. Also, it means that you can draw in applications from further afield, widening the pool of talent you can draw from.

Bring employees together and improve relationships: When employees aren’t always in the same office, it can be difficult for them to come together as a team. After all, if you can never see them how can you build a relationship? Lunarpages argues that video conferencing can be used to keep them connected. Even if an employee is on the move, they can call in and check in with the office, meaning they’re always in the loop and everybody can stay in touch with each other. A well connected office is a harmonious office.

Maintain business relationships: Search Unified Communications cites the example of a company that sends its key customers video phones or software in order to keep in touch with them. This means that a deeper, more loyal relationship can be built up with that customer, something that’s incredibly valuable in an age where it’s easy to jump to any company that’s giving what’s seemingly a better deal.

Conduct business faster and more efficiently: Starleaf notes that video conferencing allows users to conduct business much more quickly than in physical meetings. That’s because a virtual meeting often takes less time to set up and conduct, allowing attendees to share ideas and then act on them in a much shorter time frame. If you have a problem, it can be much easier to check in online and ask, rather than send an email or IM and wait for a response. Basically, it can make your company more productive.

To conclude: As you can see, there are multiple ways that video conferencing can be a real benefit to your business. With so many options as to where and when you can work, it can bring a team together no matter where they are or what time zone they’re in. There are many companies now offering conference calls, such as Blue Jeans AU, so if you want to take the plunge, you’ve got plenty of options to choose from.

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Trump Comments on Stock Market’s latest drop – says it’s ‘peanuts’



trump comments peanuts on stock market

Trump says Tuesday’s market drop is ‘peanuts’

President Donald Trump played down the stock market’s losses on Tuesday as “peanuts” when compared with the importance of striking a good deal with China and the gains since his election.

The Dow Jones Industrial Average “was about 16,000 or 15,000 and now it’s almost at 30,000,” Trump said at the NATO summit in London. “It’s going to be at 30,000.”

“If the stock market goes up or down — I don’t watch the stock market. I watch jobs. Jobs are what I watch,” he added. Today’s move is “peanuts compared to — we have picked up record numbers so that’s OK. That’s the way I feel.”

The major stock indexes slid Tuesday after Trump said he thinks it would be a good idea to delay signing a trade deal with China after the 2020 presidential election. The Dow Jones Industrial Average fell more than 450 points at its lows on Tuesday, led lower by trade-vulnerable AppleCaterpillar and 3M.

“In some ways, I like the idea of waiting until after the election for the China deal, but they want to make a deal now, and we will see whether or not the deal is going to be right,” Trump told reporters before U.S. markets opened Tuesday. When asked if he had a deal deadline, he added: “I have no deadline, no. … In some ways, I think it is better to wait until after the election if you want to know the truth.”

Despite his assurances that he doesn’t watch the market’s daily moves, Trump often tweets within hours of when the U.S. equity market reaches an all-time high. He has tweeted the keyword “stock market” 107 times since his inauguration


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11 kids quotes we’re all feeling



kids quotes laughing kids

Ok so there’s always that time when you just wish so bad you could straight up say whats on your mind, but you know you really shouldn’t, so you don’t. Well leave it up to kids to say exactly what you’re feeling, no hesitation or regret. Check out these kids quotes that say everything you wish you could!

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Saturday savagery (submitted anonymously) #savage

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Why do kids say the darndest things? Comment with your favorite!

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How to become a better businessman in 6 steps; Priceless advice from Entrepreneurs



Become a better businessman in 6 steps following this priceless advice from accomplished entrepreneurs.

  1. “Do something you’re very passionate about, and don’t try to chase what is the hot passion of the day.”

    Jeff Bezos accentuates having passion for what you are doing, because if you don’t love it you are much more likely to give up. It’s hard to take an idea and turn it into reality, especially by yourself or when people whom you respect tell you it can’t be done. The passion and love you give to your project will determine it’s success rate over time.

    Jeff Bezos Become a better businessman

  2. “Don’t let people who you may respect and who you believe know what they are talking about tell you that it can’t be done.”

    Pierre Omidyar continues to say that often they will tell you it can’t be done and that’s only because they don’t have the courage to try it.

    Pierre Omidyar become a better businessman

  3. “If you know exactly who you want to be, you need to spend as much time [as possible] with people that are actually that already.”

    This advice from Gary Vaynerchuk is actually priceless when it comes to success in the business world. Think as well “It’s not what you know but who you know,” and surround yourself with people you look up to. Human’s adapt to their surroundings quickly, and soon you won’t just want to be an entrepreneur, you will also know how to act like one.

    Gary Vaynerchuk

  4. “Come up with 10 new ideas every day.”

    Coming up with at least 10 new ideas every day will keep your “idea muscle” in shape, which is critical for an entrepreneur in order to keep going and stay ahead of the fast paced business world. James Altucher continues to say that once you’ve done this for about 6 months you will be an idea machine. New ideas keep passionate projects alive and ensure growth in every direction.

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    James Altucher become a better businessman

  5. Realize that, “naturally, nobody is interested in your ideas. You have to persuade them, and you have to show them that you are the one person out there that can do it.”

    Robert Greene, an American author known for his books on strategy, also says that “no one is really going to help you or give you direction.” Realizing this sooner than others will give you a head start and the ability to stop looking for recognition in others. Instead, you can focus on your passion project and make it perfect, and the world will not be able to ignore it.

    Robert Greene

    More about ‘Mastery’ by Robert Greene

  6. “Don’t think about ‘how do I get big fast.’ That will happen if you build something meaningful and important.”

    How to encourage teamwork in your organisation

    Danae Ringelmann’s advice is not something to skip. If you rush your ideas or your product you will be relying on luck more than anything to create success for you. While luck is certainly involved in alot of things, relying on it or betting on it to ‘get big fast’ doesn’t help you become a better businessman. Being proud of what you create, instilling passion into your work, and working hard will ensure success more than anything.

    danae ringelmann

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