Fizzy Drink Manufacturers Unite in Pledge to Cut Calories

Coca-Cola, PepsiCo and the Dr Pepper Snapple Group said they plan to reduce sugary drink calorie consumption by 20 percent through marketing, reduced serving sizes.

Coca cola

Coca-Cola PepsiCo and the Dr Pepper Snapple Group on Tuesday pledged to cut calories consumed by Americans in sugary drinks by one-fifth within about a decade.
The three companies made the commitment as part of the 10th annual Clinton Global Initiative.

“This is huge,” former President Bill Clinton told The New York Times. “I’ve heard it could mean a couple of pounds of weight lost each year in some cases.”

The companies plan to fulfill the pledge by 2025 through marketing, distribution, changes in packaging and the reduction of service size.

“I am excited about the potential of this voluntary commitment by the beverage industry,” Clinton told the Christian Science Monitor in a statement. “We look forward to continuing to work together to achieve the goals outlined in this commitment.”

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  • B2Bthatsme

    So they’re just reducing the bottle size?! That’s one literal way to cut calories but what about the recipe itself??! No they’d never change that because they’d lose their fan base lol!!