A Truly Unique Gift for Father’s Day from Wilensky Gallery – Million Year Old Minerals

Full of tradition and truly unique the Wilensky Gallery offers a fine opportunity for those searching for a meaningful and masculine Father’s Day gift. This collection features a variety of minerals and fossils for Father’s Day. Welcoming and knowledgeable, the Wilensky family can help dad begin the mineral collection he’s always dreamed of, or help curate and grow an existing collection with custom suggestions.



Even non-gemologists get caught up in the Wilensky gallery’s incredible display of rare, natural minerals and stones.  The business is an inherent homage to fatherhood, with Stuart Wilensky closely running the gallery with his two sons and daughter-in-law, co-founding the company with his wife, Donna. Stuart and Donna Wilensky, internationally renowned fine mineral collectors and dealers, have amassed this collection for more than three decades.


As far as the fine mineral business goes, the Wilensky name is universally recognized as the “best of the best. The family is renowned amongst the trade as curators and dealers of the finest minerals collections in the world, developing the Wilensky Approach, the standard by which the finest minerals are graded.

So far, Wilensky has published six books cataloging the world’s rarest minerals that have passed through their hands.


“Passing down fine art to my children is a legacy that I can share with them that they can enjoy and appreciate. The art you love is a reflection of who you are. Art can create a sense of calm, of thoughtfulness, admiration as well as simply beauty. Passing down art is a way of sharing something with your children that reflects a feeling or emotion that cannot be captured by other material objects.  Art has both emotional value and financial value. It is a form of wealth, both spiritually and financially. There is no other gift that embodies this spectrum. “-Stuart Wilensky


The Wilensky Gallery features several select minerals and fossils that Stuart Wilensky thinks would mean the world to Dad.



Wilensky gallery

Quartz with Dravite Tourmaline inclusions

This quartz sphere has dravite tourmaline inclusions. The tourmaline crystals are frozen inside the clear quartz, creating a unique spray of crystals, which are protected from the outside world for eternity.

Inclusions are among the most intriguing of all mineral possibilities; here one species is shown growing inside another. Both minerals retain their properties and appearances, yet are linked forever.

Locality: Yunlu PGE deposit, Sichuan Province, China

Dimensions:7 1/2″ tall x 4″ wide



Barite on Flourite with chalcopyrite


The combination of gem quality golden barite crystals flowing across a mint green translucent fluorite cube matrix, topped off with a sprinkling of brilliant shining brassy chalcopyrites, is unique from this location. These species do form together in other places on earth, but this combination of colors, textures, the mix of metallic and matte, as well as the orangey gold over green, all add up to a spectacular and colorful arrangement of species that only nature could conceive.


Locality: Xiefang Mine, Ruijin Co., Ganzhou Pref., Jiangxi Prov., China




Quartz over Chrysocolla


Drusies are quartz encrusted minerals that sparkle as if they were coated with tiny diamonds. Chrysocolla is the most sought-after of all of the “drusies.” Drusy chrysocolla is well-known as a gem material, used by many world-renowned jewelry designers.The chrysocolla appears as if it is encased within clear glass.

Locality: Lily Mine, Ica Dept., Peru

Dimensions:3″ wide x 2 3/4′ tall



 Wilensky Gallery, Located at 173 10th Avenue, New York, NY

For more info visit the Wilensky Gallery


Ancient Treasures: Fossils from The Eocene 

Now through August 3rd 2019, featuring The Green Riverstone Crocodile at the Wilensky Gallery

Magnificent Emeralds: “Fura’s Tears”
Runs Sept. 26 – Dec. 30, 2019 at The Wilensky Gallery
*Opening Reception: Sept. 26, 5 – 7 pm*


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