Expert Tips for Creating a Good Restaurant Atmosphere

“Dingy.” “Loud.” “No elbow room.”

When rating a restaurant on online review sites, critics, fine diners, and families don’t hold back, and the atmosphere of a restaurant is as much of a target as its food. The atmosphere of your restaurant is a vital factor for its profitability. If your restaurant has an enticing atmosphere, you’ve successfully created a space where customers want to linger. Studies have shown that the longer people stay in your restaurant, the more food they order. Read on to discover four expert tips for creating a good atmosphere in your restaurant.

Identify Your Restaurant’s Theme

Friendly Restaurant Atmosphere

Diners come to your restaurant not just for the food, but also for an experience. To create the best atmosphere in your restaurant – whether intimate or family-style, glamorous or cheerful –your design must match your restaurant’s theme. Although crystal chandeliers are beautiful design pieces, they’d be completely out of place at a Mexican cantina-style restaurant. Similarly, a sleek glass and chrome fitout would clash wildly with the food in a family-style Italian restaurant. According to the experts, the first step in creating a good atmosphere is to work out your theme – not just the style of food you plan to serve, but also the kind of experience you hope to create for your diners.

High Quality Fitouts Stand Out

From signage to space, fitout to furniture, quality design is the core ingredient in creating a satisfying restaurant atmosphere. And, for this, it’s time to call in the experts. Although you can do a lot with a new shade of paint on the walls, the beauty and functionality of your restaurant is reflected more in the quality and style of its fitout. Whether you’re building a new restaurant or refurbishing your existing space, expert shopfitters can tailor your space to your needs, creating the right floor plan to allow intimacy for diners and room for your waitstaff to move freely. Professional companies like TU Projects offer custom-made joinery and design services that will create an atmosphere that reflects the unique personality and style of your restaurant theme.

Lighting and Intimacy Are Key

romantic restaurant interior

Different styles of lighting create different levels of intimacy and interest. Exhibition-style kitchens like teppanyaki bars, intimate fine dining restaurants, and family-style restaurants… they all have different needs in terms of lighting. So, when choosing from dim overhead lighting and intimate candles, wooden pendant lights, or modern strip lighting, make sure your lighting plan matches your theme.

Don’t Forget the Little Details

If you’ve ever looked through a review website, you’ll know that it’s not just problems with a meal that can upset diners; tiny things matter just as much as the big details. Try and experience your restaurant from your diners’ perspective by sitting at different tables in your restaurant, asking your waitstaff about the specials, and visiting the bathroom. Are the chairs comfortable to sit in? Are your waiters friendly, knowledgeable, and polite? Are the bathrooms clean? Be on the lookout for small details that you can polish to help create the very best atmosphere for your diners.

What’s your favourite restaurant to dine at? How do you think they created the dining atmosphere that you enjoy? Share your dining experiences in the comments below.

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