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The Emergence of Energy Efficient Homes



The Emergence of Energy Efficient Homes

Energy efficiency isn’t just a buzzword. Energy efficient homes are important to homeowners of all different ages. For them, it’s a way of life, and that includes the design and construction of their homes. Besides numerous environmental benefits, Low-E (low emissivity) homes also deliver big savings.

With an emphasis being placed on the need for greener building practices, there are now multiple options to choose from when it comes to building energy efficient homes.


A contractor sprays foam in the rafters of a home designed to be more energy efficient.

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From the ground up

To accommodate families looking to build a sustainable forever home, designers are putting energy efficiency at the centre of their plans. From minimizing waste and materials to making the most of the sun’s energy, designers are embrasing the energy efficiecy movement as well.

While the home is being constructed, thermal mass materials can be used in walls and foundations. These materials include water, concrete, stone and brick, which will slow the rate of heat transfer.

Another building material that maximizes energy efficiency is continuous insulation. Continuous isolation, often appearing in the form of spray foam instead of insulation batting, prevents air leakage and reduces the cost of heating and cooing the home.


Windows for every season

Windows are notorious for heat loss. As much as 90 percent of window heat loss is through the glass itself. To combat this issue, builders are opting for windows with a Low-E (low-emissivity) window coating.

The coating is a transparent and unnoticeable metallic layer that is applied to the raw glass of the window. It’s used to bounce warm and cool air back into the home instead of allowing it to leak outside. This can drastically reduce the amount of money a homeowner spends heating and cooling the home.

The tech of it all

User-friendly energy consumption tools can drastically lower your home’s carbon footprint. Today’s energy efficient home is enhanced with the implementation of technology and smart home devices, such as wireless energy monitors, programmable thermostats, sprinkler systems, and dimmable LED lights. Pair these devices with energy efficient appliances, and you’ll be one step closer to a greener lifestyle.

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3 Unusual Ways to Improve the Value of your Home



feautured image

A house is one of the biggest things you’ll ever buy. It’s also one of the most significant investments in your portfolio. After all, when all else fails, you can rest assured that people will always need real-estate. However, it’s up to you to make sure that the house you purchase continues gaining value in the years to come. While there are many outside factors that can affect the value of a home, including changes in the ecosystem, and even the arrival of new amenities in your area, there are also things that you can do as a homeowner to make people want to pay more for your property. Since you’ve probably already thought about common options like replacing your kitchen or designing a new bathroom, we’re going to share some of the less conventional things you can do to transform your home.

Create a Fisherman’s Paradise

How to increase the value of your home

If you have a property that’s close to a body of water or even has its own riverside, then you’re going to be ahead of the curve already when it comes to gaining real-estate value. However, you can always take the desirability of your home another step further by making sure that you have fishing rights to offer your buyers. Let people know that buying your home comes with the option to spend their weekends fishing on the side of a beautiful river, and they’ll be biting your hands off for the chance to move in. Estimates suggest that this adds a value of about 15%.

Add a Residential Lift

a residential lift increases the value of your home
A residential lift can make your home more appealing for retirement home buyers

Finally, if you’ve got a beautiful home to offer a couple looking for a great place to spend their retirement, then there’s one easy way to help them imagine their life in your property. Australian residential lifts show buyers that they’re going to be able to manage and maintain their independence when they get a little older, because they won’t have to worry about using the stairs. What’s more, residential lifts can also appeal to younger buyers too, because they give them a unique and modern selling point to share when the time comes to sell the property in the future. You’d be surprised at how affordable it can be to place a lift in your home these days, and the value that you get out of the investment can be astronomical. Just imagine how much easier it would be to carry laundry upstairs!

Give Your House a Name

A house name can improve the value of your home
A house with a name needs a sign

This might sound like a strange way to upgrade the value of your home but bear with us. For most people, it might not matter whether they live at “The Oak”, or 35 Oak lane. However, research has shown that 88% of buyers would prefer to pay more for a home with a name. Perhaps it’s just because people feel like they’re getting a property with more personality this way. Just make sure that you have permission to name your house with your local council and choose a title that’s fitting for the property. It doesn’t make sense to call a city-based property “The Orchard” for instance.

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5 Important Things You Should Know Before Buying a House




Like many homeowners and potential homeowners, you are probably researching trying to get every bit of information you can about purchasing a home – what you should be on the lookout for in a house and its location, the kind of financing options available to you, what you should ask sellers, and the like. You have gleaned a long of information and learned a lot, but it is the stuff that you miss and probably did not expect in the process of owning a home that you will remember most. Here are five of the biggest ones.

You Do Not Have to Buy a House

For many, home ownership is an obvious choice. Like education, getting married and having kids, many people have grown up believing that owning a home is the most reliable investments that one can make in his or her life since it is a scarce commodity whose demand is growing annually in Thailand. After years of paying rent, you have finally agreed. Why give the landlord all that money when you instead put it towards your own home?

Many people might think differently and chose to rent instead of owning. Depending on your location and lifestyle for the next couple of years, renting may actually be a better option for you. Both renting and owning a home are great choices once you have run your numbers depending on your situation. However, do not buy a home if you:

  • Are told you that it is what you are supposed to do
  • Think it is a great investment for the future
  • Think you will get married and have kids and you require space for your hypothetical future
  • Think it will provide you some sort of idealized suburban life
  • Are in competition with someone else in your life

Only buy house at Property Guru when:

  • It truly makes financial sense and you are excited to deal with the challenges homeownership will bring
  • It is a better financial decision compared to other options available to you
  • Because that is what you want to do and can handle

If You Choose to Buy, Save for Years

Purchasing a home is a big financial undertaking. Apart from the traditional effort and time it takes to sell a house compared to ending a rental agreement, homeowners are, in reality, at the mercy of the housing market. If you plan to own a home, know that it is a long-term, rather than short-term, decision whose gains are not a sure gain.

Only Buy What You Might Need

A popular home buying strategy is to get a starter home that is rather small, affordable and targeted towards first-time homeowners. Then they would move on to bigger houses as their family and income grew. This is a great strategy, but with a few gross assumptions. For starters, you will require a decent-sized house because you have no idea how much space you will need a in a couple of years – especially if you are thing of starting, growing and living with an existing family. You probably do not want to live in a 2-bedroom house and suddenly you have triplets and elderly members of your extended family are living with you.

On the other hand, if you buy too much space, you will spend more money on taxes, energy and maintenance than you should. In addition, just like water flows to occupy all available space, so too will junk in a larger home.

While deciding the size of home you will purchase, less will probably be better – especially if you have rooms in the house that are multi-purpose. For example, the unfinished attic or basement can be converted into an extra bedroom or an office.

Negotiate, Negotiate and Negotiate With the Seller

Make sure you learn more about the negotiation process while purchasing a home – how much should be put down as deposit, what you can push for and others. Depending on how comfortable you are with homebuying in Thailand, engage the services of a buyer’s agent. Carry out your research so that you know how much your agent should push for and do not be afraid to push for more if needed. Even as you enlist the services of a professional to buy a home, you still need to ensure that they are really doing their job.

If You Are Not Happy, Walk Away

After months of looking at the market, you finally find one and decide to buy a house on DDProperty. Then begins the long process of transferring the house to you and eventually you become emotionally attached to it. Home renovators know this and they will ask you what kind of cabinet colors, kitchen faucets finish or grout color you want. It is important that you do not become emotionally attached to the property until all the paperwork is finalized. View this as the biggest financial transaction you are making that will also impact your lifestyle. Once you have papers signed and keys handed over to you, think of the house as your home.

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5 Condo Renovations that Will Add Value to Your Space




If you are buying a new Property Guru Desa Park City condo with the intention of reselling in a couple of years, select the best package of fixtures and appliances right at the beginning from the builder. This also applies for individuals looking to buy a condo to live in and those purchasing one as a possible source of income through rent. You should purchase from a quality builder while your standard package included in the condo’s price should require fairly few to no upgrades.

However, if you are purchasing from a builder where counter tops are laminate and bedrooms are carpeted, then you should invest in upgrades. Some people believe that a condo should be regularly upgraded – say every two or three years. Upgrading ensures that your condo stays in pace with the market and more people today require upgrading. When you bring in someone to view your space, there will inevitably be new buildings coming up. The builders are able to get more state-of-the-art, better appliances. Because of this, you will find that a building that is around three years old will already start looking dated.

Thankfully, there are things that you can do to change the look on a decent budget.

Quartz or Granite Counter Tops 

When it comes to quartz or granite counter tops, durability is the key. Laminate countertops are possible, but unlike floors, they generally do not seem favored by many people. Price is an important factor that does not necessarily mean better market value for your whole condo. For example, high-end quartz may not do much for the value of your property.  What is important is the durability and look the potential condo buyer will see as he or she inspects the surface. The counter top’s price does not play a major role.

Whether you spend the lowest or the highest amount, it all boils down to if everything goes well together, if the new look is appealing, if it is of quality and if it offers that timeless look.


Sometimes, the lighting installed by builders can be bland, but owners ought to wait until they move in or while making arrangements for other upgrades to get new lighting fixtures. People tend to get excited about lighting fixtures before they have even had a look at the space – they will buy a fixture because it appeals to them. That is a big design mistake.

Lighting should be at the bottom of your list as you put everything else in a room. Since it is a permanent fixture, it should complement the style, color scheme, feel and look. It should also match your hardware. Since in most condos, the living space is shared with the kitchen space, you want it to flow. Recessed pot lighting can be more expensive when done by the builder. You pay extra for convenience.

Install Hardwood Flooring All Through 

Today’s condo aesthetic values are pretty much similar, with hardwood floors becoming a must, though that is set to change. Laminate flooring was once a no-no, but some laminates that feature faux wood finishes are now durable and more acceptable as an alternative to hardwood, although the latter is still considered gold standard.

High quality laminates will do wonders and are also durable. Many developers now offer them as part of the basic package. If not, then that is where you should be spending your money on. Engineered hardwood is still a favorite for many. This is wood flooring made of real planks of hardwood on top with a core layer below, usually a particle board.

On the other hand, stay away from carpets. They tend to tear and wear and are mostly avoided in the bedroom since they wear out around the dresser and bed; they also are dependent on an individual’s personal taste.


There never seems to be enough space in a Property Guru Desa Park City condo. However, empty and big closets may actually look smaller to you, compared with closets divided up with in-built shelving and specific areas set for shoes, linen and other things.

While some consider the closet space as overly fastidious, others see it as an added advantage to create the illusion of order and more space. You can even apply this trick to all your drawers. Use little organizers to keep things neat and together so they do not clutter.

Your Hardware 

Attractive knobs and handles for cabinets cost a few ringgits, but they make ordinary fittings suddenly look like custom-built items. If you have oversized handles, they make everything else look luxurious. And this makes a huge difference that is really worth the effort since it does not cost you much. For your storage space, the hardware and lighting can make a world of difference. It makes it feel luxurious, and that is what will increase the market value.

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