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Common Fitness Mistakes Beginners Make



We all try our best to live healthfully and do right by ourselves, but sometimes we’re our own worst enemy. We show up at the gym ready to kick but the truth is, most of us have no idea what we’re doing there. We’ve done one thing right, that is, we came, but we don’t feel like we know anything, and we certainly are not getting that body as fast as we though we would. Read through these common fitness mistakes beginners to make to see if you make any of them, and learn how to correct them so you can stay more focused on your fitness goals.


Not having a program is one of the most common mistakes beginners make. Showing up at the gym with no idea what you are going to do past that is the surest way to let yourself down and lose all that motivation you built up.

Having a program to follow is also the best way to know you are moving forward. Keeping track of your workouts and marking your progress will keep the motivation going strong. There is no greater motivation than knowing you can do it because you already have done it.


some tips… start with the machines until you get more comfortable in the gym. research the equipment so you know what you are working with.


There will come a time when you think your best is just showing up at the gym and going through the motions…stuck on the same routine for too long.  Challenging yourself is so important. Shut down your brain and become a robot. Don’t listen to yourself finding a million and one excuses why you should quit. If you don’t challenge yourself you will not see any progress.

Little pushes at a time are better than none at all. Watch motivational videos or listen to motivational speeches while you workout to help your mind overcome the difficult reps.


You will get bored fast if you stick to the same routine every single day. Make sure you switch it up so that your body and mind don’t get too used to them. Add an extra set or a few extra reps, or just try a different move. Always challenge yourself. You will never know what your body is capable of until you push it to its limit.




Not to be used as an excuse to skip the gym, rest days are important for the body to recover from all the stress it is put through. Give it time to relax and settle down.  Resting is an important step in building the body.

Rest.Train. Eat.


Building abdominal muscles is great but if you want that sleek flat stomach sit ups and crunches aren’t going to show through until you ditch that top layer of fat. In order to get a lean body the fat needs to go first. Make sure you are eating right for weight loss and doing alot of good cardio. Don’t fall for any “lose weight fast” diets as these are very unhealthy and not ideal. Try a balanced diet with fewer carbs and more detoxifying fruit and veg. Also, cut down on refined sugars.





The fat is gone and you’re working on building that booty or toning those arms but progress seems slow. Not eating enough is a very big, and common, mistake. The body needs fuel to build itself up and it can’t do that on a low carb diet. Make sure those carbs you get down you are good carbs, not sugar and sweets etc. Try brown rice instead of white rice, for example. These carbs are more complex and take longer to break down. Research a good nutrition plan for yourself and don’t skip meals.


Simply going through the moves is not good enough.  Make sure you are going through the moves right or you will not feel any muscles burning and you will just fly through reps the easy way. If it doesn’t hurt bad enough, check your form.

Perfect your form and you will perfect your workouts.


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The Ultimate American Road Trip: Route 66



route 66

If you’re looking for the omega American road trip then you’ve got to hit the Mother Road, otherwise known as Route 66. From Chicago to LA, it’s a journey that’ll provide the experience of a lifetime, showing you the heart of a great nation.

Start in Chicago & Chase the Sun

In reality, the best always head west. Would you rather end the trip in the Windy City, or just in time to catch a gorgeous L.A. sunset on the beach? There’s just something deeply spiritual for folks when we head west. It becomes an adventure. It becomes a vehicular voyage to the sea. Here are some of the highlights you can expect in order:

Illinois: It’s a pretty straight shot through the state from Chicago through Springfield (which has some stretches of restored Route 66) and southwest to St. Louis. There’s a bit of the bright lights of big cities, but also a good calm stretch of rural to cruise through as well; vast fields of corn and farmland for close to 300 miles.

Missouri: Once you hit East St. Louis you’ll again be greeted by sky scrapers, industrial areas and the mark of modernity but then it’s another SE straight shot through the entire belly of the state.

Kansas: You’re only going to spend a little time in the good’ol Kansas heartland. And by little we mean a whopping 14 miles far down in the bottom south east corner. You’ll go through two towns: Galena and Baxter Springs but rest assured there’s great classic restaurants and places that’ve been open as long as Route 66 has been around. In fact, it’s because of road tripper like you just passin’on through that keep’em goin.

Oklahoma: You’re going to go through two huge metropolises that have “country” written all over’em: Tulsa first and then into Oklahoma City before heading directly west towards the Pan Handle. Of all 8 states, it’s here that they take Route 66 the most seriously. It’s got the most preserved still-drivable miles and you’ll be able to see the remnants of Kiowa, Apache and Comanche Native American land. And, you’ll get to take the same route as families long ago in the Dust Bowl took to escape.

Texas: You’re going to go through the upper tip of the Texas Pan Handle that takes you through Amarillo. It looks short on a map but the 200-mile stretch of plains is a sight to behold like none other. If you can time it so you cut through here in the afternoon on a sunny day your spirit will be recharged. Just try not to pay any attention to all the truckers!

New Mexico: Welcome to the Land of Enchantment where you’ll pass through Sun Belt city and Albuquerque. These days, it can be a bit challenging to stay strictly on the old road but with all the sandstone mesas and pine forests it’s definitely worth it.

Arizona: In Arizona you’ll stay in the northern plains rather than heading down into the really hot areas around Phoenix. Instead, you’ll pass directly through Flagstaff which is a mountain town and where Northern Arizona University is located. The sights here are like a completely different world from everything you’ve seen so far, especially once you begin to head south right before passing into California. Oh, and because of the high speeds on the I-40, this will feel like one of those awesome car track days.

California: Once you reach this point get ready to cruise through rolling hills, vineyards, orchards, stunning landscapes and then at Barstow you should begin smelling the sea. From San Bernardino and Pasadena to Santa Monica it’s simply breathtaking.

This is only a taste of the experience really. You’ve just got to get out and do it. There’s plenty of great resources online to keep you on track and if you have the time you don’t have to miss a thing. Enjoy!

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Key Moments from Trump’s Impeachment Hearing



Trump's Impeachment
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Heartbreaking; Another School Shooting Santa Clarita, CA



Santa Clarita School SHooting

Santa Clarita, California, high school shooting leaves 2 students dead, multiple injured

SANTA CLARITA, Calif. (KABC) — A 16-year-old boy shot five fellow students, two fatally, Thursday morning at Saugus High School in Santa Clarita before turning the .45-caliber handgun on himself, authorities said.

A Los Angeles County Fire Department spokesperson said multiple 911 calls prompted firefighter-paramedics to respond about 7:40 a.m. to the school at 21900 Centurion Way.

Six students, including the gunman, were found in the quad suffering from gunshot wounds, Sheriff Alex Villanueva said at a news conference. All six were transported to hospitals, where two of them, a 16-year-old girl and a 14-year-old boy, were later pronounced dead.

The surviving victims were described as two girls, ages 14 and 15, and a 14-year-old boy.

In a tweet, Henry Mayo Hospital said it had received four patients.

Their names were not immediately disclosed. The sheriff said the deceased girl’s parents were at the hospital. He was notified of the second fatality during a press conference at the school.

Gunman turns .45 caliber on himself

According to sheriff’s Capt. Kent Wegener, surveillance video “clearly” shows the suspect pulling a semi-automatic handgun out of his backpack in the quad and shooting five classmates before shooting himself in the head.

Thursday was the gunman’s 16th birthday, the captain said.

He was listed in grave condition at a hospital, according to Villanueva.

In the immediate aftermath of the shooting, authorities released a description of the suspect as a manhunt got underway. Heavily armed deputies and an armored SWAT vehicle were seen at a home near the school, but it was unclear if the house was connected to the investigation.

The high school remained on lockdown for hours after the incident. Shortly before 11 a.m., lockdowns were lifted at all campuses in the district, as well as Rosedell and Highland elementary schools.

Central Park, at 27150 Bouquet Canyon Road, was being used as a reunification point for parents and students, the Sheriff’s Department said.

Undersheriff Tim Murakami tweeted an apology to parents, saying investigators need to interview “every student at Saugus HS” before they can be released.

In a statement, the White House said President Donald Trump was monitoring ongoing reports about the shooting.

“The White House encourages all those in the area to follow the advice of local law enforcement and first responders,” the statement said.

Gov. Gavin Newsom tweeted an expression of gratitude to the emergency responders.

“We simply should not have to fear for our kids’ lives when we drop them off at school,” the governor said. Addressing Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, Newsom asked: “How many more lives will be lost? How many more shootings will we have to endure? We need commonsense gun reform. NOW.”

Amid the chaos at the scene, the number of reported victims fluctuated throughout the morning. The sheriff later confirmed that six people were shot, including the gunman.

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