Are Brits as polite as they think they are?

When travelling abroad, I’m often shocked by the sheer rudeness of people who find it perfectly acceptable to skip queues, stare and burp loudly in restaurants! Although I’ve always found my fellow Brits to be a polite and well-mannered bunch, I can’t help but wonder whether our perception of politeness or fairness is somehow skewed.

Just recently the Fairtrade Foundation posed the question: “How Fair are you?” with an interactive test to help raise awareness of producers in developing countries and to promote sustainability.

For me, unfairness is much more than just skipping the queue or barging past others to get where I’m going: it’s about an inward looking, self-centred point of view which is unconcerned with the welfare of others. Politeness, on the other hand, is a way of measuring fairness which is a good indication of a considerate person.

According to Fairtrade, 76% of us Brits are considered fair but we can still do so more to help others, particularly those working in developing countries. For example, by making a conscious effort to buy Fairtrade produce, like coffee, you are helping to make the world a more fairer and better place to live!

Author: Louise Fitchard

Louise is Agenda’s resident fashion & lifestyle expert. She also covers topics relating to entertainment & travel. Out of work, you can find Louise at the cinema, reading romantic novels or buying (another) pair of heels for her next trip abroad.

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  • Christine

    Ha! That guys reaction at the end of the video lol!!!!

    • B2Bthatsme

      Haha! It’s just a shame it wasn’t longer – this could have been sooo much better lol

  • B2Bthatsme

    I love this! Didn’t think fairtrade would resort to being ‘funny’ to help promote themselves! Not that I mind of course 😉