The Best Road Trips in Australia

It’s no wonder that Australia is known for gorgeous scenery. From the long winding roads through the outback, to the tallest mountain peaks, and to the amazing sunlit beaches, there is something for everyone in this paradise. If your are looking for a fun adventure, and will find yourself in Australia soon then pay attention to the list of the best road trips Australia has to offer.

Rainforest Way, Queensland

Rainforest Queensland

For me, it doesn’t get more picturesque than Rainforest Way. Millions of years ago this was volcanic country, and what’s left today are some of the tallest peaks with gaps of plush greenery in between. Thankfully this very well preserved area has travelable roads that run through the forest. Along these roads you will find a plethora of dairy farms, banana plantations, and plenty of quaint towns for you to shack up at and take in all the scenery. If you are the more adventurous type then you might find one of the rainforest lodges to your liking.

Travel the Capes

Cape Naturaliste

The idea is that you start off in one of the two Capes, either Cape Naturaliste or Cape Leeuwin. Find yourself on Caves Road for a fabulous and scenic drive from one Cape to the other. You will find everything from beaches to lush farmlands along this route. For you wine and champagne buffs, there are plenty of wineries to stop at along the way. Also, make sure you stop in at Leeuwin-Naturaliste National Park. This is a paradise for nature watchers, fisherman, and even surfers! If you stand around long enough you may even catch a whale sighting. This is no short trip as it is about 200 kilometers in distance, so you may want to click here to find great car rental rates with DriveNow.

The Great Ocean Road, Victoria

Great Ocean Road Victoria

No trip to Australia is complete until you have travelled the Great Ocean Road. Even a greater distance than travelling through the Capes, this 250 kilometer stretch along the southern coastline will take you through a surfers mecca. Even for those of you that have never surfed this is a road trip you don’t want to miss. You will pass through Australia’s surf city where you can watch some of the greatest surfers ride the largest waves you have ever seen in your life. There are plenty of surf shops if you find yourself needing some gear, and if the sport interests you enough they even have a museum nearby!

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  • Jsh

    If you have a chance to travel the rainforest way you should definitely do it! One-in-a-lifetime experience!!!!!

    • fashiongal

      Agree!!! a unique way of exploring the Aussie outbacks!!