Berlin’s Burger Queen #progressivepeople Sponsored Video

Audi have been busy developing a content series around #progressive people. Most of the #progressive people so far are Berliners, who happen to be pioneers in their field.

Burger Bar Germany

The first video portrait in the #progressivepeople series is Kavita Meelu, Berlin’s Burger Queen who currently lives in Audi-City Berlin. But Kavita didn’t always live in Berlin, she’s originally a brummy from Birmingham but relocated to London. “London made me the woman that I am”, claims Kavita, and we don’t disagree. Nowadays, because of heavy immigration, one walk down London’s multicultural streets and you’ll find culinary Embassies from every flag in every direction. Portobello Road in Notting Hill is a wonderful playground of start-up Bakeries, Patisseries and restaurants. One of our local favourites if you’re in the area is Gails Bakery – a foodie entrepreneur with a serious passion.

After London’s influence, Kavita relocated to Berlin to show the Berliners how the world eats. Since moving to Berlin, she’s launched Mother’s Mother, StreetFood Thursday and Burgers & Hip Hop. For a chance to enjoy some Berlin Burgers, check out the Berlin Burger Map. “Burger is the most democratic food” says Kavita, because everybody likes burgers and dancing to Hip Hop isn’t too difficult. In 2013, Kavita picked up an “Innovation Award” for her innovative work with food that promoted a cultural and communicative discourse via food – because everyone loves awesome cuisine!

Another notable Berliner in the Audi series on the Audi Website is Conrad Fritzch, CEO of I really enjoyed his story and it is quite similar to Kavita’s, Berliners with a passion and vision for what consumers want and the bravery to take a leap of faith at making that vision reality.

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