Awesome Health and Wellness Trends for 2018!

“Out with the old, in with the new” wellness trends!


It’s time again for new trends to start coming in and we at Agenda Daily are on top of it, ready to spread the latest details and get you clued in for the new year!

After a year full of apple cider vinegar, bowls (poke, acai,) and activated charcoal, to name a few, there’s a new round of wellness fads to try out. We’re not suggesting you ditch the old ones, rather we are referring you to these new trends so you can add them to your New Year Resolutions List or, better yet, get a head start! Anyways, let’s jump in!

Trend: Probiotics Everywhere

In 2017 everyone seemed very gut health conscious and it’s not going away this year. Bacteria (ew) suddenly became a trending tummy topic when we all became aware that balancing bacteria in your gut was vital to overall health and wellness. This good bacteria trend promised major health benefits, including reduced inflammation and increased energy levels. Looking good, Gut Health! You’re not going anywhere! Add some good probiotics to your shopping list to jump on this bandwagon!

Trend: Clean Air

If you already eat clean, it’s time to consider the air you breathe in 2018. Air purifiers and plants that do the work for you make great additions to a healthy home. They keep your rooms free of smoke, dust, and other allergens and reduce the effect these can have on your body.

Trend: Traditional Medicine

Wellness is not a new trend. People have been looking to feel better and live longer for as long as people have existed. According to Natural Grocers, a lot of people have been getting interested in herbal remedies, essential oils and aromatherapy treatments, and ancient foods and supplements with reported health benefits. The trend is, tradition.

Trend: Better Sleep

Let’s be real…better sleep? We’re in. Catching enough zzz’s is hard enough, but catching better zzz’s? Waking up well rested is about to get easier than ever. With sleep regulating technology, temperature regulating PJ’s, and sleep inducing foods in our diet, prepare to wake up well rested, feeling young, and looking your best.

Trend: Yoga Wheel

The yoga wheel is the latest fan-favorite yoga prop. The wheel allows for deeper stretches and self-massages, and it can support you through more challenging postures. Yogis on Instagram are already obsessed and celebs are joining in on the trend too, so get your wheel on!

Trend: Less Soda, More H2O

While pop’s not disappearing entirely, (thank you,) good old fashioned water seems to be making a come back since last year. Sipping on water is a trend that is overflowing into 2018… tap water, infused water, water from Norway…it’s in, and it’s not going anywhere.


Trend: Strength Over Size

Hop off the treadmill and onto the strength-training bandwagon! Strength training builds muscle, sure, but it also improves your balance, keeps your bones healthy, and helps you burn fat—yes, really. It’s not the slimming effects that will reign supreme in 2018. Next year is about celebrating the amazing things your body is capable of.


Author: Claire Gagnon

Claire is our resident news editor with a lifelong passion for business & finance. In her spare time she enjoys cooking, gardening, reading, craft projects and spending time with her beloved horses.

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