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For The Adventurers: How To Store Your Furniture While You’re Travelling



The itinerary has been planned. The deposits paid. Passports ready. Now, what to do with all your furniture?

You could just keep paying the rent while you’re travelling, and eat two-minute noodles right through Europe. Or you could store your furniture somewhere – but where? There are a few choices you have when storing your furniture while travelling. It needn’t be expensive or difficult, either. Check out these ideas below:

In Storage

While not wanting to pay for rent while you’re travelling is understandable, you may need to call on a storage facility to assist, especially if you don’t have friends or family to call on to keep your furniture. When looking for a storage facility, make sure you’re comfortable with the security, the storage space is sufficient and also check out if there are any penalties for removing your goods earlier, or extending the period of storage. Some facilities such as will even pack and collect your gear, so you can focus on fine-tuning your itinerary!

At Your Parents

Mum and dad will have your stuff while you go to Europe for ‘a while’, right? Your parents are always a great first ‘port-of-call’ when you’re adventuring. They can be good for advice, cash and of course a place to store your furniture while you’ve gone ‘for a while’. You’re parents naturally will oblige, however, you’ll be storing your furniture their way. That expensive leather lounge? Why, that will look great in their sitting room. Their old couch can be put in the spare room! If you’re going to store your furniture at your parents, make sure you’re all on the same page on where your things are going to be kept.

At Your Friends

You might be lucky enough to have some friends with a room or space where you can store your furniture. Without a doubt, it will be a great offer and in many situations, hard to pass up. There are always issues with storing furniture with friends however. If you need to extend your travels, this can inconvenience them. Also, if you’ve got a box labelled ‘DVDs’, it will be opened long before you get back.

With Your Kids

You’ve done everything for them – now it’s time for them to give back, right? Your kids probably will be a great place to keep your things, especially if you’re going to be a grey nomad around the countryside for months on end! When you’re out travelling, though, you’ll always have these nagging thoughts, like ‘Are they letting the grandkids jump on our couches?’

Don’t Store It

How important is the furniture you own? Are you going to be away for a long time? Maybe it is just the right time to get rid of it all. Give it away, sell it or take it to the dump. You’ll be coming back to a blank slate after your trip.

Have you travelled and left your furniture with someone, or somewhere? How did you find it? Did you come back to it all being in exactly the same condition? Have you found these tips helpful? Share your ideas in the comments, below.

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Best Places to Travel in December



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Travel in December is a good idea for you if you want a vacation that is during the slow season. Here are the best places to travel in December, when everyone else is home celebrating the holidays.

Here are more places to travel in December. Enjoy!

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The Ultimate American Road Trip: Route 66



route 66

If you’re looking for the omega American road trip then you’ve got to hit the Mother Road, otherwise known as Route 66. From Chicago to LA, it’s a journey that’ll provide the experience of a lifetime, showing you the heart of a great nation.

Start in Chicago & Chase the Sun

In reality, the best always head west. Would you rather end the trip in the Windy City, or just in time to catch a gorgeous L.A. sunset on the beach? There’s just something deeply spiritual for folks when we head west. It becomes an adventure. It becomes a vehicular voyage to the sea. Here are some of the highlights you can expect in order:

Illinois: It’s a pretty straight shot through the state from Chicago through Springfield (which has some stretches of restored Route 66) and southwest to St. Louis. There’s a bit of the bright lights of big cities, but also a good calm stretch of rural to cruise through as well; vast fields of corn and farmland for close to 300 miles.

Missouri: Once you hit East St. Louis you’ll again be greeted by sky scrapers, industrial areas and the mark of modernity but then it’s another SE straight shot through the entire belly of the state.

Kansas: You’re only going to spend a little time in the good’ol Kansas heartland. And by little we mean a whopping 14 miles far down in the bottom south east corner. You’ll go through two towns: Galena and Baxter Springs but rest assured there’s great classic restaurants and places that’ve been open as long as Route 66 has been around. In fact, it’s because of road tripper like you just passin’on through that keep’em goin.

Oklahoma: You’re going to go through two huge metropolises that have “country” written all over’em: Tulsa first and then into Oklahoma City before heading directly west towards the Pan Handle. Of all 8 states, it’s here that they take Route 66 the most seriously. It’s got the most preserved still-drivable miles and you’ll be able to see the remnants of Kiowa, Apache and Comanche Native American land. And, you’ll get to take the same route as families long ago in the Dust Bowl took to escape.

Texas: You’re going to go through the upper tip of the Texas Pan Handle that takes you through Amarillo. It looks short on a map but the 200-mile stretch of plains is a sight to behold like none other. If you can time it so you cut through here in the afternoon on a sunny day your spirit will be recharged. Just try not to pay any attention to all the truckers!

New Mexico: Welcome to the Land of Enchantment where you’ll pass through Sun Belt city and Albuquerque. These days, it can be a bit challenging to stay strictly on the old road but with all the sandstone mesas and pine forests it’s definitely worth it.

Arizona: In Arizona you’ll stay in the northern plains rather than heading down into the really hot areas around Phoenix. Instead, you’ll pass directly through Flagstaff which is a mountain town and where Northern Arizona University is located. The sights here are like a completely different world from everything you’ve seen so far, especially once you begin to head south right before passing into California. Oh, and because of the high speeds on the I-40, this will feel like one of those awesome car track days.

California: Once you reach this point get ready to cruise through rolling hills, vineyards, orchards, stunning landscapes and then at Barstow you should begin smelling the sea. From San Bernardino and Pasadena to Santa Monica it’s simply breathtaking.

This is only a taste of the experience really. You’ve just got to get out and do it. There’s plenty of great resources online to keep you on track and if you have the time you don’t have to miss a thing. Enjoy!

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