8 Ways to Stay on Track with New Year Resolutions

All too often we find ourselves making New Year resolutions only to fall apart a few months later. Sometimes this deters us from ever setting new goals or pushing ourselves further. We hop on the fast train but forget to add fuel and soon, a few miles down the track, our engines are just chugging along on fumes… ideas we once had but have since become unclear, foggy. If we don’t prepare ourselves right before we start this is what often happens. Don’t make the same mistakes you made last year. Here are our 11 best ways to stay on track with New Year Resolutions.

1. Don’t Overdue It

Setting too many goals for yourself is an easy way to set yourself up for failure. Avoid overwhelming yourself and keep it simple. Make a few long term goals and break them down into smaller, more manageable short term goals.

2. Write It Down

Write your resolutions/goals down somewhere you will see them everyday to help keep your mind on track. Create a visions board, either a digital one on your computer screen or an arts and craft design for your office wall.


3. Make Them S-M-A-R-T-E-R







and R-evisable.

4. Hold Yourself Accountable

Hold yourself accountable by maintaining discipline and focus throughout your process. Be responsible and make sure you get it done by a specific time or day. Help yourself out by setting real life rewards for your work.

5. Get Rid of Negative Thinking Habits

You might not realize you have negative thinking habits but they are fairly common.  Negative thinking is any type of thinking that leads to negative consequences. It can be hard to recognize negative thinking sometimes. You may only recognize that your life isn’t working. Identifying your negative thinking is the first step towards change.

6. Don’t Limit Yourself to “January 1st”

Just because you are making New Year resolutions does not necessarily mean you have to be the “New You” right away. Don’t think of January 1st as your deadline to decide on your goals and begin conquering them. These are (usually) self improvement goals and can be started at any time of the year, any time of the day. Be patient. If you don’t think you can start right away, don’t push it. Just set your own deadline and remember, divide and conquer.

7. Build Up.

Take your goals, your resolutions, and determine if you can accomplish them as they are, or if they need changing. If they seem to big for you simply make them into smaller versions of themselves. If you can accomplish the smaller version, you can then work on the larger version. This goes hand in hand with “Don’t Overdue It.”

8. Don’t Forget to Enjoy Yourself

If you set yourself a goal to do something you are miserable doing, more often than not you will not achieve the outcome. No one puts their heart into something they don’t enjoy. This is about self improvement, ways to make life better, not worse. You have to enjoy the process, and then the outcome will follow.




Author: Gemma Falconer

Gemma is a Senior Campaign Specialist for Citrix and GoToMeeting. She has been part of the Demand Generation team for the past five years, looking after anything from webinars to content creation. In her spare time she enjoys playing volleyball, trying to learn Portuguese and eating cake – lots of cake. Connect with her on LinkedIn and Twitter @GemmaFalconer

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