8 Vacation Spots You Never Thought Of!

When it comes to vacation people usually think of a Caribbean get-a-way, somewhere hot and sunny, a beautiful beach with a grand view of the ocean, and all the popular places on TV and the all-inclusives.  Why not? The ocean is a truly beautiful, relaxing setting. Perhaps, however, you are looking for something a little different… somewhere no one will think to find you, somewhere no one would expect. From “easy access” places to “middle of no where” here are 8 vacation spots you never thought of.


1. Frederick, Maryland

Not far from Washington DC and Baltimore is this small town that’s surrounded by mountains, wineries and orchards. Downtown has even been designated as the Arts & Entertainment District, where you can find live music, dancing, you name it. This 1730 town is full of history and American memories. Be sure to sign up for a guided tour of downtown or wine tasting!

Beautiful Main Avenue Frederick Maryland



2. Newfoundland, Canada

Kayak with icebergs, take a hike on some 18,000 miles of unspoiled coastline with some 200 walking trails, plus the 22 different species of whales that pass through Newfoundland and Labrador between May and September. Don’t forget to stop at Gros Morne National Park, a place filled with wonderful nature activities like no other!


3. Switzerland by Rail

This is something interesting! Switzerland by rail! Arrive in Zurich only to depart on a 12 to 13 day Switzerland mountain tour! Lake Lucerne – Bernese Oberland – Saanenland and Gstaad – Lake Geneva – Zermatt – Lake Lugano – Bernina Pass
Spend nights beside the Matterhorn, Suvretta Mountain, the Jungfrau, the Gornergrat, Monte Tamaro, Rigi Mountain, and the Wispile. Stop in each town for 2 nights at a B&B to explore the beautiful surroundings and try local foods before continuing on your tour of the famous Swiss Alps.

4. Ketchikan, Alaska

Like we said, “middle of no-where.” Ketchikan, Alaska’s first city, is definitely not the first place that pops into the thought “vacation” but if you are desperate for something different and a “middle of no-where” experience sounds right for you, why not try it? It’s quite picturesque, nestled in the Alaskan Rockies, and offers alot for any adventure seeking nature lover, like fishing charters, cabin rentals, and sea kayaking.


5.South Korea

Despite it’s well known but less visited neighbor South Korea is a beautiful place to visit. It offers the traveler a dazzling range of experiences, beautiful landscapes and 5000 years of culture and history. Different places to visit range from modern cities to ancient towns and villages, beautiful countryside that hosts mountains for hiking and skiing, national parks, and delicious local food.


Try somewhere new without having to sacrifice the white sandy beaches. This Baltic Sea gem, formerly part of the Soviet Union, is full of little surprises and a slight Scandinavian flair. The capital, Riga, was named the European Capital of Culture in 2014, and roughly half of the country is made up of pristine, accessible natural ecosystems. Historical Old Towns, churches and castles abound.





7. Hurghada, Egypt

Hurghada is a beach resort town on the Red Sea renowned for scuba diving, and has numerous dive shops and schools in its modern Sekalla district. There are many restaurants, bars and nightclubs, while the old town, El Dahar, is home to traditional Egyptian coffee shops and souks. Hurghada’s long stretch of sandy beach is lined with resort hotels. Close by is Makati Bay Water World, a great place to take the family for a whirl of fun.



8. Ecuador

Ecuador has everything: mountains, beaches, rain-forest, volcanoes, hot springs, and the famous wildlife of the Galapagos Islands. Once part of the Inca Empire, this dramatically beautiful land is steeped in both pre-Colombian and Spanish colonial culture and is perfect for cheap travelers, trek-happy adventurers and history lovers. Check out more about this incredible place here.

Author: Claire Gagnon

Claire is our resident news editor with a lifelong passion for business & finance. In her spare time she enjoys cooking, gardening, reading, craft projects and spending time with her beloved horses.

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  • Pauline

    I’m going to Paris this fall I’m so excited! Reading up on places to go next year! I’ve always wanted to visit Egypt actually.

  • Wow…!! Awesome Destination. Will go there once in a lifetime. Especially to Egypt. I always wanted to go there.