8 Hottest Swimwear Trends To Try This Summer

The temperature is slowly on the rise and eventually, it’ll be warm enough to bathe in the sun with your favorite swimsuit. It doesn’t matter if you feel you don’t have a bikini body. There’s no such thing because it’s just a matter of choosing a style that flatters your body. Find the right design that will help you unleash your true beauty. There are hordes of new bikini trends that can look great on anyone regardless of their body shape. Take a look at this year’s hottest swimwear trends you should definitely try:

1. Off-shoulder tops – From bikini tops to swimsuits, the off-shoulder top is a cute and stylish swimwear trend. With the right mix of delicate and fun, this look can work great no matter what type of body you have. This trend is perfect especially for those who are a bit conservative about showing skin. You can pick a swimsuit that looks more like a romper yet still allows ease of movement in the water. The best part is you can wear a skirt or a pair of shorts over it and it’s ready for everyday wear.p1Source: Eyval

2. High-rise swimsuits – It’s the nineties all over again with Baywatch-style high-rise swimsuits making a comeback. Think low-cut backs and Brazilian cuts flaunting the thigh brow. Also known as the frong, this is easily one of the hottest silhouettes for this year. Instead of a solid color, opt for one in grungy tropical prints or vintage-inspired patterns. This could put a unique and stylish twist to this classic nineties swimwear. Otherwise you could get one in solid red for a Baywatch Halloween costume and simply wrap a sarong over it.

3. Bib-front – This trend is an excellent swimwear choice for those of you who don’t like showing too much cleavage. The bib-front swimsuit was another huge trend in the nineties. This year, they’re being revived in neutral tones and subdued floral patterns. You can go for either a one-piece or two-piece item implementing this design. When paired with a miniskirt or denim shorts, you transition your beach-ready look into casual wear.


Source: Martin York

4. Mixing prints – Instead of going for a single printed pattern this year, opt for a variety of prints in one swimwear. You can find pieces that use mix-media prints in the latest designs. Otherwise, you could pair pieces from different bikinis and implement this trend. Opt for sets in patterns and colours that complement each other. So you’ll end up with varying combinations for a stylish look.

5. Peek-a-boo detailing – Another hot swimwear trend for 2016 is peek-a-boo detailing in the front. Common in a bib-front design, the detailing is in the form of a vertical panel and adds a subtle playful touch to an otherwise conservative look. The peek-a-boo detailing creates the right balance of sensuality and style in one swimsuit. So even if you’re not too enthusiastic about showing your cleavage, you can go for one with minimal detailing.p3

Source: Lyst

6. Seventies crochet – With the seventies making a huge comeback in the fashion world, you can see bits and pieces of the era in swimwear trends. From exquisite detailing to fun multicolour, this trend can be worn in a number of ways. Maybe you could create an evening wear out of your crochet swimsuit by weather a leather miniskirt over it.

7. Lingerie detailing – Instead of just being confined in the bedroom, lingerie detailing is making it big in the swimwear world. You can find plenty of stylish swimwear with sheer panels, scallops, and lace edging, which are popularly used in lingerie. When opting for this trend, however, make sure you pick a material that isn’t too delicate. You’re going to be wearing it in the water, so think about that part when choosing a piece with linger detailing.


Source: All Women’s Talk

8. Unique color-block – Color blocking isn’t a fresh trend. It’s been a huge part of fashion for years. This year, however, there are new ways of implementing this trend into swimwear. It’s no longer just about a two-piece item with different colors on each piece. Instead, color blocking is being reinvented in a whole new way. We see bold placements and unusual patterns implementing color blocking into swimwear.

Here are some of the top trends in swimwear for this year. When picking swimsuits, you need to avoid blindly following the trends. You need to go for a trend that will flatter your body while making you feel comfortable. So it’ll take some time to find the perfect piece that you can wear to the beach this year.

Author: Louise Fitchard

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