6 Industries That Offer Great Job Security

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Yes, money is important when it comes to finding the right career path. However, the security your job offers and the industry it’s in are also important factors to take into consideration. So if you’re after a job that offers more than just a weekly income, but has plenty of options for the future as well, check out the 6 industries below.

1. Government

The first industry on this list is government. A highly sought after industry to work in, government jobs offer benefits and working conditions unrivalled by others, including flexible hours, additional super and salary packaging. It has a high annual growth rate, as government is an industry that is not going anywhere anytime soon. If this sounds like the industry for you, jump onto a recruitment site such as Chandler Macleod to see just how many government jobs are waiting to be filled.

2. Education

The education industry will always be one to offer a fairly high-level of job security, and this is because everybody still needs to learn – it is a part of life now, as it has been for many years before. It is also broad in opportunities, from early childcare and special needs, right through to universities and adult educational services.

3. Defence

Defence is another industry that offers great job security, as once you are in, you will always be looked after. Defence, whether that be army, navy or air force, also offers some of the best training in areas such as mechanics, engineering, business, communications and intelligence, to name a few. Also, in addition to a comfortable pay packet, defence will often look after additional needs, such as housing and transport.

4. Health Care

Dentists, physical therapists, nurses and physicians are high-growth jobs where people are rarely out of work. Health and health care is a lifelong demand and need for everyone, which is why it offers so much security for the people that work in this industry. Particularly with jobs such as nursing, the call for people to fill vacant positions outweighs how many qualified people there are out there to fill them.

5. Utilities

The utilities industry will always be in demand, as it is responsible for providing people with essentials, such as fresh water, electricity, gas and heat for homes. Jobs in this industry range from big utility companies to electricians and wastewater treatment plant operators.

6. IT

The age of technology has also given way to a new industry that offers plenty of job security for those wanting to get involved. Whether you’re a developer or an analyst, jobs available range from those who are responsible for designing databases and software, through to those who focus on fixing or rebuilding systems.

You have to feel secure in your job – and not just in terms of how much you earn, but how future-proof the industry you work in actually is as well. If you feel like where you’re working is not offering you what it used to, or that it’s starting to deteriorate, have a look at a career move into one of the above industries.

How secure do you think your job and employment industry is? Discuss your answers below.

Author: Group Features Editor

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