5 Great Jobs You Didn’t Know You Could Get With an MBA


Whether you are currently deciding if a Master in Business Administration (MBA) is right for you or you are in the middle of your MBA studies, employability has most likely come up in your mind. With the employment world becoming more competitive, it is important for an individual to not only have marketable skills, but a great academic background as well.

MBA graduates have the option of getting into the traditional job markets like human resources and marketing. However, here are five robust employment opportunities that offer graduates comfortable salaries and growth.


Life as a logistician may seem like an unlikely opportunity for MBA graduates, but the logistics sector is currently experiencing rapid growth. Logisticians are responsible for the coordination of various teams to accomplish a set organizational task. Students who have a preference for operations management, and who have completed project management courses offered by online MBA programs, would be well suited in this field.


The fundraiser is that individual who works hard to bring in money for his or her employer. Fundraisers work for a variety of organizations and programs including political campaigns, universities and non-profits.

As a fundraiser, you will be expected to employ various methods to bring the money in, which includes organizing campaigns and events, grant writing and cold calling. The job may require working hand-in-hand with an organization’s training volunteers, board members and keeping a close eye on donors.

Financial Analyst

Financial analysts are expected to be aware of the latest financial trends. They are responsible for collecting information on micro and macro-economic conditions. In addition, a financial analyst is expected to carry out research, and it is a role that can open up great opportunities for your career advancement.

Public Relations Director

A PR director carries out several responsibilities, including coordinating press releases and media interviews. In short, it is the PR director’s job to ensure that the company he or she represents is always portrayed in a positive and professional manner.

Although an MBA is not an express route to landing the director’s job, it is a huge step in the right direction. With drive and determination, a talented MBA graduate can fill this role once they have the necessary experience. Most PR directors will be required to study in communications, but having an MBA is a definite plus. A good way to get an online MBA degree on the cheap is by going to an online school. Northeastern University offers a great nationally accredited AACSB online MBA that would give you a clear advantage over your competition.

Medical and Health Services Manager

As a medical and health services manager you will be working at ensuring that a hospital, nursing home, group practice or any other medical care facility is running efficiently. This is a job that requires extreme detail-oriented and analytical skills.

As you can see, the varied syllabus and the opportunity to get hands-on experience makes an MBA a qualification that will set you up for a contented life. An MBA presents you with an opportunity to get creative and play a vital role in challenging but enjoyable job positions.

Author: Group Features Editor

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