3D Holographic Display Technologies that Already Exists

3D holographic technology has been making strides. To date, holographic display technology has gone down in cost, and time required to implement. It has also gone up in terms of availability, consumer interest, quality, and interactivity. From some examples I’ve seen on YouTube, we’ve even surpassed the quality and definition of the infamous Star Wars holograms.

Image by Andrew Kuchling via Flickr

Image by Andrew Kuchling via Flickr

3D holographic displays are now more interactive due to third party technologies that record human movement and the dimensions of an environment. Today, holograms can interact with a walking, talking, human being.

In this writer’s opinion, there are some key technologies that are going to bring holographics into a whole new world; Microsoft Kinect (or something like it), personal assistants like Siri, M, or Cortana, mobile devices (GPS, identifying users to holograms), CGI 3D animation, and all things augmented reality. You can also check Activ8 90 degree 3D-holo show if you’d like to get more ideas as to what this technology can do.

Let’s take a look at some modern examples of real-world 3D holographic display applications.

Tupac is Alive. Sort of. (Coachella Festival 2012)


This is my favourite example of 3D holographic display for a lot of reasons. The technology used was flawless, with so many moving parts.

This example contains 3D CGI computer graphics meshed with existing audio and video, cutting edge 3D holographic display technology, and a musician whose death was hotly debated in fan circles, similar to that of Andy Kaufman. (Some fans thought the hologram was really Tupac Shakur).

And these types of “holoshows” aren’t only reserved for big brands with bigger budgets they’ve gone mainstream. From car shows to birthday parties and royal engagements, holographic projection shows are open to everyone.


Holograms in Dubai


Dubai is a city known for decadence, so it is only fitting they have a contender on this list. The video above features some quality holographic displays which spanned entire auditoriums. Featuring the likes of tigers, rhinos, dragons, dinosaurs, dolphins, and other majestic creatures people do not get to see very often, this holoshow is one of the greats. Early in the clip there is even a tropical rainstorm, complete with holographic rain clouds and rain drops.

Holoshows illustrate another really interesting thing we are not all that far from a future that has a Star Trek-like holodeck in it!

Microsoft HoloLens


Replacing multiple screens (and adding infinite more screens to your life without the cost) you can interact with online services and rich media or video games on your wall, or you can observe 3D computer generated graphics come alive in your space or virtually transform it.

This technology is destined to cut down on the amount of physical screens that will be produced, and probably be a good thing for the environment.

Hologram Mannequin


3D holographic display and technology by Activ8 Hologram Events also includes hologram mannequins, which are becoming increasingly popular with retail operations and upscale business complexes.

They serve as concierge and often augment existing infrastructure. Hologram mannequins are also a hit with trade shows for their wow factor and sophistication; they’ve been proven to increase engagement and how long a booth visitor sticks around.


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