2018 Food Trends Predicted by Whole Foods

Whole Foods has predicted the food trends for 2018, and kale and avocado are out!

Whole Foods Market has predicted the top food trends for 2018 and while kale is out, floral foods infused with lavender and rose to coffee made with mushrooms are the products you can expect to see on store shelves in the coming year, and the industry trends that are on the rise.


1. Edible flowers and floral flavors:

Floral flavors like lavender, rose, hibiscus, and elderflower are finding their way into everything from sparkling water to lattes. You might even see them more and more in savory foods like pesto and salads too.

2. Super powders:

Super powders like maca, matcha, cacao, turmeric, and spirulina have been popular for smoothie fanatics. Plan to see these finely ground powders listed at your favorite juice bar alongside standard favorites like wheat grass and spinach.

3. Functional mushrooms:

 These mushrooms are not the typical button mushrooms you sometimes add to pasta. Functional mushrooms have mostly been used in dietary supplements. In 2018  you might be skipping your morning coffee for a cup of energizing reishi or chaga mushroom broth.

4. Middle Eastern cuisine:

It’s time to explore more of what Middle Eastern food has to offer besides the well loved hummus. Look for spices like harissa, za’atar, and sumac and dishes like shakshuka, lamb, and grilled halloumi, as well as “dishes like shakshuka, grilled halloumi and lamb. Other trending Middle Eastern ingredients include pomegranate, eggplant, cucumber, parsley, mint, tahini, tomato jam and dried fruits.”

5. Plant-based meat alternatives:

People will be devouring more plant-based alternative foods like, tuna-free sushi made with tomatoes, and veggie burgers that bleed like real meat. New plant-based milks, non-dairy yogurts, and vegan cheeses are being developed too, made from items like yellow peas, pili nuts, and bananas.

6. Tacos:

Expect taco twists like dessert tacos, tacos with seaweed shells, and grain-free tortillas for paleo-friendly folk.

 7. Root-to-Stem:

Yes, the whole vegetable is edible. Now its a trend.  Root-to-stem  focuses on using every part of the vegetable. Carrot top pesto, turnip green chimichurri, and pickled watermelon rind are some examples.

8. Bubbly:

More and more companies are jumping on the carbonated beverage bandwagon. From fizzy cold brew coffee to sparkling maple and birch sap, these healthy takes on soda only sound indulgent.


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  • Rebecca Roman

    There are so many interesting things to eat!! I’m so used to the same old food…this inspires me to cook good things and eat better food. It’s always good to try new things!