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2015: The Year of Mobile Shopping



Not that long ago, shopping for the holidays meant trudging out in the cold weather to join hundreds of fellow shoppers at the mall, standing in endless lines and lugging heavy packages back home.

Now, thanks to mobile technology, more shoppers than ever will do at least part of their holiday shopping from the comfort of their electronic devices.

The increase in mobile shopping mirrors the surge in smartphone ownership. Sixty-four percent of American adults now own a smartphone of some kind, up from 35 percent in 2011, according to Pew Research Center. Younger Americans are especially likely to have a mobile phone, along with people with higher education and income levels.

In addition to ordering gifts from their smartphones, consumers are also using their smartphones to make purchases while standing in the actual brick-and-mortar store. This is especially true for shoppers who find that a product is out of stock or is not available in the size that they want. As Internet Retailer notes, this often inspires them to pull out their smartphone, bring up the store’s website and buy what they want on the spot.

Stores like Cabela’s are recognizing the power and prevalence of mobile shopping by offering customers exclusive text alerts and emails about holiday sales. Other retailers that offer incentives to use a smartphone to shop include Target; its Cartwheel app allows shoppers to save even more money by scanning their phone at checkout, and Toys R Us, which texts special deals and alerts to customers’ phones.

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Amazing Facts About Russia [infographic]



As the world’s biggest country, Russia borders 15 different countries and has the ninth largest population in the world. There are also approximately 10 million more women than men in Russia.

The proximity between the USA and Russia is also much closer than most people think, with the closest point between the countries measuring only 4km long! Another interesting fact includes the distance from Chicago to Moscow which is closer than from Chicago to Rio-de-Janeiro.

To check out the rest of these amazing facts, check out our infographic below:

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Amazing Facts About Russia Infographic

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Amazon Introduces Kindle Kids Edition!



If you want to get your kids to read more instead of watching TV, Amazon hasn’t forgotten about you or your kid. Alongside the Fire HD 10 Kids Edition tablet the company announced today, Amazon took the wraps off the Kindle Kids Edition, its first-ever e-reader aimed at children. For an additional $20 over the cost of a normal Kindle, the Kids Edition comes with one of four colorful cases, a two-year worry-free guarantee and one-year of complimentary access to the company’s FreeTime Unlimited service.

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With the two year guarantee, Amazon says it’ll replace the device for free should anything happen to it. FreeTime Unlimited, if you’re not familiar, offers some 20,000 kid-friendly books, videos and apps. It works across multiple devices, so you have a backup when your kid wants to do something else. You can add it to your existing Prime subscription for $2.99 per month. Otherwise, it costs $4.99 per month. Amazon also has prepaid yearly options for families with either one or more children.

Kindle Kids Edition

Amazon has also added a variety of new software features to keep kids reading. In addition to the Kindle’s built-in dictionary, the Kids Edition includes a feature called Word Wise that will automatically define any difficult words. The e-reader will turn any word a child looks up into a flashcard for later review. There are also achievement badges to earn, as well as more fun wallpapers than the ones that come standard with the company’s other Kindles. It’s also worth mentioning the Kids Edition is based on the Kindle update Amazon announced in March, so it includes an adjustable front light.

At $109.99, the Kindle Kids Edition is more expensive than the $89.99 Kindle but not as pricey as the $129.99 Paperwhite. The Kindle Kids Edition is available to pre-order starting today, and it will ship on October 30th. If you buy two of the e-readers at the same time, Amazon will give you 25 percent off the total price of the two products.

Here’s a full list of the Kindle Kids Edition new software features:

  • Achievement Badges: Kids can earn badges like Book Worm and Over Achiever when they make progress toward pre-defined goals.
  • Easy Discovery: With enhanced browsing and search, kids can locate titles without the exact spelling. And with smart recommendations, kids can find books related to the genres, authors and characters they like.
  • Word Wise: Kids are automatically provided short and simple definitions above difficult words, so they can keep reading with fewer interruptions.
  • Dictionary: If kids come across a difficult word, they can select the word to look up the definition via the built-in Kindle dictionary.
  • Vocabulary Builder: Words looked up in dictionaries are automatically added to Vocabulary Builder and turned into flashcards for future review and learning.
  • Kid-friendly Wallpaper: A unique set of lock screen wallpapers designed specifically for kids are included.
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What Happened To Smart Glasses?



Whether you think smart glasses are cool or creepy, for most people, they’re not a part of everyday life. However, AR glasses and headsets appear to have found a niche with manufacturing, military simulations, and even the theater.

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