10 Simple Decorating Ideas That Will Make Your House Awesome

Simple additions when used skillfully can transform your home décor completely. Here are 10 basic home décor ideas to make your dwelling absolutely awesome.

1. Layer with Naturals

Natural products like wood, sea grass, hemp, jute and wicker are cheap yet fabulous additions to achieve great looks. Seaside stuff like corals, conch shells and clams can bring about marvelous outlook transformation even when they are used in their raw form.

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2. Enliven Floors

It is believed that a rug is the heart and soul of a home – true to these words; rugs bring your interiors to life and enhance the looks of your floor and walls. Handmade Bokhara rugs are an appealing addition to your home décor. By buying rugs from a source that offers wholesale Bokhara rugs, you can be sure you are buying genuine handmade rugs from their weaving source.


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3. Characterize Walls

Blank walls are perfect grounds to add a character of your choice. Floating shelves are an ideal way to utilize an entire wall and create an accent wall that stands out from other walls in your room. Sky is the limit for all the stuff that can go on your walls!


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4. Personal Touches

What else can best adorn your space than the stuff you love the most? Being surrounded by your favourite stuff sure is a privilege your senses will appreciate. Family pictures, personal achievements and special occasions can go into cheery frames to beautify your walls.


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5. Green Is Always In

Nature is an all-time timeless ingredient you can add into your home. Plants are an easy means to bring about a fresh look and to flaunt your green thumb. Consider using plants that are hard to kill and beat the odds of killing fine plants in your home.



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6. Unique Headboard

Large pieces of plywood wrapped in assorted fabric remnants are sold in home improvement stores. These colorful pieces of art are perfect to create artistic headboard in your bedroom or to create an accent wall in your living room.


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7. Personal Nook

Set up a personal nook with a comfy couch layered in throw blankets and pillows to make this nook the most distinct space of your room. Stand-out wallpaper and personal belongings can add on to the interest of this space.


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8. Wallpaper Elsewhere

Wallpaper is not only for walls if you have the patience to add detail into prominent nooks like the insides of cabinets, shelves, wardrobes and even doors. Add colourful patterns to plain fixtures with pretty wallpapers.


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9. Light Fixtures & Mirrors

Natural or created – lights can transform the look of a room by making it look more airy and spacious.  When light is coupled with mirrors to reflect it, you can be sure to achieve beautiful landscape in your room; a simple yet definite way to decorate your space.


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10. Tinge With DIY

Let your fingers speak the language of design with DIY ideas that are abundantly available online. You will be amazed at all the fabulous stuff you can create yourself with simple stuff and a wee bit of your creative sparks.


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Author: Lubna Ali Khan

This article was written by Lubna Ali Khan. She loves interior designing, home décor and DIY projects. She currently works for www.PakWholeSaleRugs.com as a project manager.

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