10 Best 2019 Fitness Trends

Welcome to the New Year, Agenda Daily readers! We were doing some research and found 10 really interesting 2019 fitness trends we decided to share with you! Read on!

1. Immersive yoga set against cinematic background

This particular trend is coming from the increasing levels of stress and pressure we are all under. Viewing footage of nature, even for a short time, has a direct impact on the mood and perceived wellbeing of individuals. In fact, nature footage has been used in US medical facilities to reduce patient stress and in the treatment of dementia and other cognitive disorders.

There are countless physical benefits to a regular yoga practice and these benefits are particularly enhanced by the addition of immersive visuals. Yoga helps reduce the risk of heart related diseases, increases blood flow, improves posture and also boosts immunity. There are also many mental health benefits including the reduction of depression, stress and anxiety.

This is a trend we should all be in on. Immersed in nature, you can expect to instantly have your mind taken away from the constant worries of life to the yoga mat.

2. HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training)

HIIT took the top spot in 2018 (and in 2014), and it is not taking a backseat this year. A HIIT workout, according to ACSM, involves “short bursts of high-intensity bouts of exercise followed by a short period of rest.” They’re usually 30 minutes or less, though they can be longer. But the main point is to get a quick and very efficient workout. The best part? You can try a HIIT workout right from your living room.

3. Combat Training

Combat Sport is competitive and usually involves one-on-one combat. This style of training is becoming increasingly popular, helping to shake up people’s fitness routines and make workouts exhilarating, fast and furious. Boxing continues to grow in popularity thanks to young, skilled fighters like Anthony Joshua who showcase UK boxing on a global stage.

Whilst boxing brings out your competitive side, it is also a full body cardiovascular and strength workout which offers a wide range of physical and mental health benefits. Additionally, it is a fun and exciting way to keep fit, helping to relieve stress and tension and teaching new martial arts and self-defence skills.

4. Body-weight Training

This modality uses just your body-weight—think push-ups and planks—to get you sweating. We’re big fans of no-equipment or DIY equipment workouts because they’re extremely convenient—great for any time, any where. And, well, they work. Your body itself is truly a great resistance training tool.

5. Mastering the basics

Bringing your training back to basics is set to grow in popularity in 2019. There is a shift back to the old tried and tested techniques, as many individuals have been losing sight of the reasons why they are working out.

6. The rise of low impact training

Low impact (LI) workouts focus on movements that reduce the impact put through the joints while keeping the intensity up. To generate different levels of intensity, LI classes incorporate tempo, pauses and interval training. HIIT has been a huge trend in recent years, but with so many of us living with chronic stress and high cortisol and inflammation levels, it isn’t always the best idea.

More and more people are over training and coming away from packed HIIT classes with injuries that could have been avoided. LI provides people with a workout that minimizes that flight or fight reaction, minimizes the chance of impact-related injury, but still gives you a solid workout. Low impact training requires you to grit your teeth, load up and keep going.

7. Functional Fitness Training

One of the most practical items on the list, functional fitness training is using exercise “to improve balance, coordination, strength, and endurance to improve activities of daily living.” A squat, for example, is a functional exercise because it can mimic the motions it takes to bend down and pick something up off the floor. According to ACSM, this trend is on the rise in part thanks to the increase of fitness programs that cater to older adults.

8.Employing Certified Fitness Professionals

As the fitness industry grows, there’s an increased importance and emphasis on hiring certified professionals. Professionals predict that next year, just like last year, the industry will continue prioritizing hiring professionals that have been accredited through “educational programs and certification programs that are fully accredited for health/fitness professionals.”

9. Group Training

Nothing holds us more accountable than working out in a group. It first appeared among its top 20 trends in 2017, and innovation in the industry—like online group workout classes—are keeping it high on the list.

10. Wearable Technology

Wearable technology, like smart watches, fitness trackers, heart monitors, and more, has ranked in the top three trends every year since 2016. The merging of fitness and tech shows no signs of going anywhere, so expect to see even more ways to track and monitor your fitness in 2019.


Author: Claire Gagnon

Claire is our resident news editor with a lifelong passion for business & finance. In her spare time she enjoys cooking, gardening, reading, craft projects and spending time with her beloved horses.

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